Academic Journal Guide 2018 available now

We are delighted to publish the Academic Journal Guide 2018. The main feature of this edition of the AJG is the addition of 180 new journals into the list.

Other important developments have been made to enhance the process of assessing journal quality. This has involved strengthening the process of consulting with learned societies and the scholarly community. The Scientific Committee of subject experts and the AJG Management Committee have also been re-formed. In tandem with the internationalisation of business and management research, both committees have seen a significant increase in international expertise represented. The number of subject experts on the Scientific Committee stands at 47.

Professor Angus Laing, Chair of the AJG Management Committee, said: “The AJG is used by business academics worldwide and provides a guide to journals published internationally. Therefore we are very pleased that we have an excellent group of subject experts from across the globe conducting the assessments of the journals in their fields. We are also delighted that we have increased the number of women represented on the Scientific Committee and that journals on gender have greater visibility within the list.”

Professor Geoffrey Wood, Co-Editor of the AJG, said: “Through the metrics and peer review of journals one can’t expect a great deal of change in the standings of journals in a three year period. AJG 2018 therefore represents an interim edition, with a full review to be undertaken for the 2021 edition.

“We are pleased to be able to extend the list by 13% to include more journals of interest to business and management scholars. We also standardised the methodology for the Journal of Distinction category. The new Scientific Committee has showed incredible consensus throughout and we are grateful for their hard work. The methodological team has also worked well to refine the methodology and to create a richer data set through the introduction of the Impact Per Publication (IPP) metrics.”

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The Chartered ABS would like to thank everyone involved in the Academic Journal Guide 2018:

The 47 members of the Scientific Committee - the list can be viewed here.

Co-Editors in Chief
Professor Geoffrey Wood, Essex Business School
Professor David Peel, Lancaster University Management School

Chief Methodologists
Professor Marc Goergen, Cardiff Business School
Professor James Walker, Henley Business School

Professor Andrew Simpson, Sheffield University Management School

Chair of the Scientific Committee
Professor Heinz Tüselmann, Manchester Metropolitan University Business School

AJG Management Committee
Professor Angus Laing, Dean, Lancaster University Management School, UK (Committee Chair)
Professor Robert Galliers, The University Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Bentley University, USA
Professor Barbara Sporn, Head of Institute for Higher Education Management, WU Vienna University of Economics & Business, Austria
Professor Robina Xavier, Executive Dean, QUT Business School, Australia
Barney Roe, Director of Communications & External Relations, Chartered Association of Business Schools