Publishers invited to submit journals for the next Academic Journal Guide

AJG 2018 for WEB

We are inviting editors of Journals and Scholarly Associations to apply to have their journals considered for inclusion in the Academic Journal Guide 2018.

This application process is for journals which don't currently feature in the 2015 Guide, and also for publishers, editors and scholarly associations who would like to provide additional information in relation to a journal which already features in the Guide. These submissions will be considered as part of the peer review process. 

Updates to the Academic Journal Guide will be published on a three year cycle. Work on the next iteration will be starting later this year. Publishers have until 30th May 2016 to apply for journals to be considered for entry. All applications will be reviewed by the Editors and the Methodologists, and are judged on scholarly grounds. Journals that charge authors to pay to have their work published will not be considered; this does not preclude optional "gold" open access fees.

The methodology of the next Guide will remain one that is based on a peer review process which is informed by statistical information relating to citation. The final 'ratings' given to journals are not based purely on weighted averages of journal metrics. Instead, the Guide will continue to be the result of peer review and consultation conducted by the Scientific Committee of subject experts with peers on the relative standing of journals in each subject area. Please see the methodology of the 2015 Guide for more details.

The purpose of the Guide is to provide scholars with a guide to the range, subject matter and relative quality of journals in order to help them decide which journals to aim for when seeking to publish their work. It also provides published scholars with a useful reference tool to help assess the standing of the journals within which they have been published. The Guide is not intended to be used in isolation and we encourage users of the Guide to use other resources in addition to the Academic Journal Guide when assessing the quality of journals.

Applications are now closed for the 2018 edition. Applications open once every three years.