Add your voice to our ‘Dynamic Conversation’ on creativity and employability

The next Perspectives On: Dynamics Conversation will be formally launched on Monday March 14 from our Dynamic Conversations webpage.

The theme for this conversation is “CREATIVITY and EMPLOYABILITY”. As we embrace future of work requirements and consider the impacts of digitisation and the move towards a knowledge-based society and economy, the development of creativity skills will be a major driving force in supporting relevant student learning.

The future top ten skill lists by both the World Economic Forum and the Institute for the Future emphasise the importance of the uniquely human skills such as creativity. The complex questions of the future will need creative, forward-looking individuals and groups, who are not afraid to question established ideas and are able to cope with the insecurity and uncertainty this entails. Our latest Dynamic Conversation will aim to answer questions including:

  • Is creativity an ambition for the few or an essential factor in supporting future work skills and innovation?
  • Can we develop creativity as a competence for all; and in online spaces?
  • Can we manage creativity processes and learning from experimentation and failure within a business education curriculum?


If you, or any of your colleagues are interested in this topic please, consider submitting an article for Dynamic Conversations. Articles can be made using a variety of formats and are intended to be concise, relevant to the topic of conversation and pose a question or opinion for debate. The last Dynamic Conversation on the theme of learning communities generated a lot of interest and can be accessed here.

Further themes for the Dynamic Conversations will be released within forthcoming Chartered ABS Newsletters. If you have a suggestion for a future theme, please contact the Editorial Board at


Editorial Board:

CHAIR - Dr Cathy Minett-Smith, Associate Dean for Learning, Teaching and the Student Experience, Faculty of Business and Law, University of the West of England (UWE).

Professor Gillian Armstrong, Director of Business Engagement, Ulster University Business School.

Professor Monika Foster, Head of Sunderland Business School, University of Sunderland.

Professor Helen Williams, Professor in Organisational Psychology, Cardiff Business School.