Are you prepared for REF2021?

Professors Paul Phillips and Stephen Page are undertaking an analysis of business school engagement with impact, given the growing significance of this in the REF2021 and with funding bodies. Part of the study involves gathering the opinions of Associate Deans and Directors of Research in U.K. business schools on research activities and their observations on the impact case study.

Here is the link to the online survey for Associate Deans and Directors of Research, so they can specifically understand the evolving context and agenda around the impact case study. They seek to gauge its organisational significance, current focus, and how well prepared business schools are for this impact challenge.

Of course, all responses will be treated anonymously and no names or institutional affiliations will be identified.  They will be sharing the findings with the business school community so there is a much greater understanding sector wide of the opportunities and challenges the impact case study presents.

Additional information can be obtained from either: Professor Paul Phillips or Professor Stephen J. Page:

Professor Paul Phillips
Professor of Strategic Management
Kent Business School, University of Kent

Professor Stephen J. Page
Associate Dean (Research) and Professor of Business and Management
Hertfordshire Business School, University of Hertfordshire