Author Guidelines for ‘Perspectives On’

The ‘Perspectives On’ series has been developed as an online resource to promote dissemination and discussion of contemporary learning, teaching and student experience issues in the business school sector.

The rationale is to provide an online resource which academics can access to find an informal overview of and informed discussion pertaining to a topical issue affecting learning and teaching at an international, national, university, faculty, department or module level.

Although not ‘research’ papers, ‘Perspectives on’ submissions will be independently reviewed by the editorial team. To assist with writing submissions, the following guidelines have been developed:

  1. Author biography and picture, one paragraph, identifying institution, role, contact details.
  1. Style – informal, the structure should be clear, subheadings may be used but are not essential. References are required but authors should avoid presenting a research paper.  The aim is to provide a short, easy to read but informative discussion, generating debate and engagement with fellow academics.
  1. Topic – this should be current, and as such not repeat what is already published, but develop a line of enquiry in the literature or emerging in the sector.
  1. Authors should indicate if the opinions expressed are individual or institutional as CABS will not accept responsibility for content.
  1. Font should be Calibri (Body) 11, with a maximum word count of 3,000 words (excluding references, which should not exceed 10).

Enquiries should be sent to Professor Diane Sloan, Newcastle Business School,; or submitted to Ramin Bokaian, Chartered ABS,