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The value of play in business and management education

Throughout my career in higher education I have been fascinated by the inventive, creative, playful ways in which teachers seek to engage students. My explorations have led to a…

“Ready or not, here they come”: a case study on preparing Gen Z graduates for the workplace

Newcastle Business School share how they have adapted to the development needs of Gen Z students.

Freehand drawing activities in the classroom: opportunities and challenges

How can freehand drawing encourage visual literacy skills in business students?

Using assessed learning logs as a feedback tool

Providing effective feedback to students is an important and challenging aspect of the teaching and learning process, especially when dealing with a large cohort. One programme…

Salaries for business school staff

We analyse HESA 2018-19 data on business school staff salaries by ethnicity and gender.

Reach, relevance, and impact: how business and management research is helping society

Scientific research is high on the agenda of the new Government. Rumours abound of a planned shake-up of research funding, the possible introduction of a new funding body, and even…

We need to talk about Apprenticeships

There has been a lot of talk about apprenticeships and what has gone wrong with them. Inherent in many of these arguments are misunderstandings, misinterpretations and myths. What…

International expertise: The value of international business graduates to the UK

Newcastle University Business School share how their students have been adding value to local businesses.

Gearing up towards 2020 – report of the October meeting of the Professional Managers’ Committee

The Professional Managers’ Committee met on 4 October, our first meeting of the new academic year. On this occasion we were very pleased to welcome four new members to the…

How can Business Schools best support the ‘outsider student’ in their transition to Higher Education?

Academics could help vulnerable students by focusing on valuable relationship-building.

Making group projects work for both the students and the lecturer

Dr Adam Frost details the benefits and limitations he's found in using online tools to facilitate student group work.

Creating space for resistance in critical and creative thinking

Encouraging students to become reflective practitioners is difficult. Should we be providing space for them to voice their frustrations about the feedback process?

Developing students’ intercultural competencies through ‘Internationalisation at Home’ pedagogic practices

Having a mixed cohort isn't enough to bring out the benefits of intercultural competencies in students. Developing these skills requires a direct and coordinated approach from…

Workplace lessons for assessing group work

Is the way business educators think about groupwork assessment still fit for purpose?

Improving the feedback experience: Usefulness through verbalisation

Students are expressing dissatisfaction with feedback in higher education (Boud & Molloy, 2013). This can be seen in the results of the U.K. National Student Survey (NSS) in…

Getting Personal – grading self-reflection

Track the student reflection journey to engagement in meaningful, specific, and personal feedback.

Reflections on managing equality and diversity from some aspiring Deans and Directors

Professor Sally Everett shares her insights from the recent Deans' and Directors' Development Programme.

How to create ‘happy’ international students

How can we make sure our degree programmes bring out the full potential of our international students?

Unlocking the padlock – using an Escape Room to teach Business students

Dr Emma Thirkell a novel yet impactful initiative to merge study of HR and hands-on assessment.

Developing graduates to be work ready and resilient future leaders – a case study

How can the character, skills, and knowledge needed to make graduates "work-ready" be incorporated into your curriculum?