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Communicator-in-chief: the key trait for entrepreneurs building businesses

Michael Hayman MBE and Nick Giles offer a unique perspective on leadership and entrepreneurism.

Do business schools really understand what employers want from their graduates?

What do employers really want from business school graduates? Professor Zahir Irani of Brunel Business School examines current trends in this exclusive blog piece.

Throwing rocks from inside the hot house

Chris Mabey from Middlesex Business School calls on business schools to be active and conscience stakeholders in society.

Advisory Boards: Bringing Added Value to Business School-to-Business (BS2B) Collaborations

Dr Cathy Garner provides detailed insights into the best ways to utilise business school-to-business (BS2B) collaborations.

What to expect from the new government?

Anne Kiem gives her views on the new government following the 2015 general election.

Feeling the pressure: The neuroscience of learning to lead

Academics from Ashridge Business School present findings which reveal that experiential learning, mimic the stress of leadership and better prepare managers for similar situations…

Getting the business school ‘business-ready’

Dean of London Guidhall Faculty of Business & Law Stephen J. Perkins provides some key insights into transformational change within business schools.

Culture bites! And bites hard: The key importance of embracing culture in organisational change

Cultural Change writers Professor James McCalman and Dr David Potter discuss the importance of organizational culture in enhancing competitive advantage, its impact on managers and…

Is it time to move the employability debate on?

The employability of graduates has been a concern across the sector, and a subject of much debate, for a number of years. This piece looks at how work around employability can be…

Student employability and business collaboration

Mike Cherry of FSB provides some analysis on employability.

2015 General Election – Election update from James Newhall

James Newhall provides an update on general election trends.

April update from our CEO Anne Kiem

Anne Kiem, Chief Executive of the Chartered Association of Business Schools provides some insights into our latest activities within this update.

General Election 2015: Shadow Minister for Immigration David Hanson MP

As part of our lobbying for an incoming government we have put questions towards three political party spokespeople including David Hanson MP Shadow Minister for Immigration for…

General Election 2015: Conservative Minister for Security and Immigration James Brokenshire MP

As part of our lobbying for an incoming government to change current immigration legislation affecting international students, we have put questions towards James Brokenshire MP…

General Election 2015: Liberal Democrats Spokesperson for Home Affairs, Justice & Equalities Julian Huppert MP

Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Home Affairs, Justice & Equalities Julian Huppert MP talks to us about his partys' policies ahead of General Election 2015.

General Election 2015 – Analysis from James Newhall

James Newhall provides an analysis on how the election could effect business schools.

Monthly update and future plans from our CEO Anne Kiem

Our CEO provides an update on our recent events and plans for future programmes.

Update on our Royal Charter application and other news from our CEO

As we start the New Year we are looking forward to the completion of process leading to the Association of Business Schools gaining a Royal Charter and becoming the Chartered…

Who’d be a dean? Leadership in a low-authority environment

Prof. Robert MacIntosh et al provide an analysis on leadership in a low-authority environment.