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Supporting transition to online study

Pearson share their latest advice for business schools looking to develop their online teaching.

Helping Businesses Bounce Back – A Case Study from Ulster University Business School

A challenging business and economic landscape has brought a great deal of uncertainty to businesses across Northern Ireland. The past six months have been all about adjustment,…

Mind the Gap: Addressing Award and Progression Gaps in Business Schools

How can HEIs build a better institutional understanding of the needs of disadvantaged students?

Personal tutoring, inclusion, and the return to campus

How can we apply the vital role of personal tutoring to online spaces?

‘Jazzing up’ management education through the art of improvisation

Professor Noel Dennis shares the five lessons management educators can learn.

Forgetting the other: diversity and life in lockdown

Professor Edgar Meyer discusses the EDI aspects of the impacts of remote working.

Head of University of Bristol School of Management responds to the tragic death of George Floyd

Professor Palie Smart reflects on the implications of recent anti-racist activism for business school leaders.

The Power of Coaching in a Time of Crisis

How could coaching support your staff and students through radical change?

Internationalisation Post-COVID: what the new “International” might look like

Business schools will need to collaborate more closely to thrive in the "new international".

The Impact of COVID-19 on the working lives of business, management and economics academics

Research by Henley Business School highlights the pandemics impact on academics' research and teaching.

Chinese graduates: the employability disconnect

As more and more Chinese students study internationally, business schools must look at how they enable graduates to obtain jobs in China. A decade or two ago, foreign graduates…

The Double-Edged Sword of COVID-19 and the New World of Work in Academic Institutions

Is Covid-19 leading academic institutions into a new world of work? Will this global lockdown cause significant long-term disruptions to students’ learning and teaching and…

How the global simulation modelling community can help reduce the impact of COVID-19

A recent research paper has initiated a call to arms for the modelling and simulation community to deal with COVID-19. The paper, developed by an inter-disciplinary team of…

How business schools can pitch stories to journalists during COVID-19

With an abundance of COVID-19 content hitting the presses, how can business schools stand out?

Emergency service workers are already at high risk of burnout – COVID-19 will make this worse

As the COVID-19 pandemic moves from weeks to months, the emergency services are coming under even more strain and pressure – whether they are operating in the police, fire…

Athena SWAN Review summary

We respond to the long-awaited outcome of the Athena SWAN review.

What the Post-COVID-19 world could look like for business schools

Professor Zahir Irani assesses the best and worst case outcomes for business schools after COVID-19.