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How to create ‘happy’ international students

How can we make sure our degree programmes bring out the full potential of our international students?

Unlocking the padlock – using an Escape Room to teach Business students

Dr Emma Thirkell a novel yet impactful initiative to merge study of HR and hands-on assessment.

Developing graduates to be work ready and resilient future leaders – a case study

How can the character, skills, and knowledge needed to make graduates "work-ready" be incorporated into your curriculum?

Push Me, Pull You: Personalising the Learning Experience in Higher Education

A case study in putting students' individual needs at the heart of the learning process.

The spiral of the feedback loop

For the last three years we have adopted a new feedback practice to one of the two summative assessments of a level 5 core module of the BSc Economics programme at our institution.…

Rubrics as a guide to student writing and staff grading

How can stress be taken out of assessment without compromising academic standards?

Get Your Thinking Caps On: Using Edward De Bono’s 6 Thinking Hats in Formative Peer Assessment & Feedback

Find out more about this creative, colour-coded pedagogical technique, first presented at LTSE 2019.

Digital exams in business school education: Experiences from Kozminski University, Poland

Find out how a European business school changed their exam delivery through a digital partnership

Opportunities on the horizon: Report from the June meeting of the Professional Managers’ Committee

Updates on PMAC 2020, opportunities for Professional Services colleagues, and more.

What Makes a Duck a Duck? A playful Introduction to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

One of our teams of 2018 Chartered ABS Scholars shares an update on their insightful - and playful - work to promote EDI.

Five questions to ask about online learning

Technology is increasingly common in business school learning and teaching, but how can you ensure you're realising it's full potential?

Addressing the attainment gap: business schools can lead the way by providing an inclusive approach to the student experience

Dr Liz Warren and Dr Dawn Reilly share a cutting-edge method for addressing the attainment gap.

Inaugural Leiden Ranking: Gender Differences in Publication Outputs – Should Business business schools have their own Ranking?

Using a formal ranking system could help business schools identify gender gaps in academic publication.

Identifying capability gaps in business school professional services

At Cardiff University we have a framework called the Cardiff Professional. This framework details competences and behaviours for all professional services staff at Cardiff…

Tackling inequality for BAME students and staff in business schools

Professor Sally Everett presents the powerful calls to action from our latest Diversity Workshop

Writing cases – what’s involved?

The Case Centre provides some helpful advice for writing engaging business cases for the classroom.

Bold steps: report from the February meeting of the Professional Managers’ Committee

Bold steps: report from the February meeting of the Professional Managers’ Committee The Committee met on Friday 8th February, the perfect time…