Business Schools Welcome Government Response to Witty Review

The Association of Business Schools today welcomes the Government’s response to Sir Andrew Witty’s review into Universities and Growth.  The review, which addressed how higher education institutions can improve their links with industry, concluded that schemes such as the ABS’ Small Business Charter will be central to driving economic growth.

The Small Business Charter (SBC) was launched in January 2014.  Business Schools can apply for an SBC award and will be assessed on the basis of their work with small and medium sized businesses and support for student entrepreneurs.  Successful SBC applicants gain a number benefits, including the chance to access government growth vouchers and Start Up Loans.  22 Business Schools have so far applied, submitting themselves to the assessment process – which will be completed in Spring 2014.

Welcoming the Government’s response – and their support for the ABS’ SBC scheme – Lord Young, the Prime Minister’s advisor on enterprise and author of ‘Growing your Business, a report on growing micro businesses’ said;

“I welcome Sir Andrew Witty's findings about forging stronger links between universities and small business and his support for my recommendation that Government and business schools work together to create a Small Business Charter. This is an exciting development and I look forward to business schools from all parts of the country coming forward to achieve Charter award status and delivering real help for small businesses to enable them to succeed.”

Sir Peter Bonfield, the chair of the Small Business Charter Management Board said;

“Sir Andrew Witty’s findings absolutely back up the importance of schemes like the Small Business Charter – which will cement links between the Business School sector and the small businesses that will be central to promoting sustainable growth.  We are making great progress launching the SBC and we are thrilled that so many Business Schools recognise the benefits of gaining a charter award.”