Call for nominations for REF panel membership


Please note: the deadline for this opportunity has now passed and we are no longer accepting nominations. Thank you for your interest.

The Chartered ABS has been invited by UK Research & Innovation to make further nominations to the REF 2021 sub-panel for Unit of Assessment 17: ‘Business & Management Studies’.

The REF will be undertaken through a process of peer review by expert panels, involving over 1,000 senior UK academics, users of research from organisations beyond higher education and international advisors. Membership of the panels is widely seen as a mark of esteem, in what is regarded as a world leading assessment system.

Any association, or organisation with a clear interest in the conduct, quality, funding or wider benefits of publicly funded research can nominate individuals for panel membership. Mission groups, individual UK HEIs and groups within or subsidiaries of individual UK HEIs may not make nominations.

The Chartered ABS is a registered nominating body and we will be collating responses on behalf of the Business and Management education community. We are therefore inviting nominations from you for panel members and have formulated the following criteria to consider when making your recommendations.

  • Consider the diversity of nominations. This includes gender, geography (i.e. four home nations), subject specialty, disciplinary affiliations and methodological preference.
  • A minimum expectation should be that nominees have published to a high standard but it should not be simply a collection of those with the highest H-index.
  • At least some of the nominees should have a specific interest in impact.
  • At least some of the nominees should have a multidisciplinary background and/or a research record of working across disciplines.
  • At least some of the nominees should be in “employer” roles such as Deans or Heads of Department. This is because the line management voice is important in understanding how our discipline is perceived relative to others, which is a priority for the Chartered ABS.

For your information an infographic explaining the process for nominating bodies to make nominations to the expert sub-panels for REF 2021 can be viewed here.

The deadline for this opportunity has passed and we are no longer accepting nominations. Please contact Ramin Bokaian at if you have any questions about this opportunity or our wider work surrounding the Research Excellence Framework.