Race Equality Working Group – call for nominations

The Council of the Chartered ABS and the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee are pleased to support the formation of a Race Equality Working Group, which will report through the EDI Committee. The Working Group will discuss issues around race equality with regards to business schools and the Chartered ABS, develop actions that the Chartered ABS might take to bring about equality, and it will work with the EDI Committee to help the Chartered ABS take forward and deliver those actions.

It is expected that this working group will have a natural life of up to two years, but that its influence and importance in that time will be significant and transformational. 

The group should consist of members with knowledge and experience of working with race equality issues, and/or experiences of facing inequality. It will be asked to suggest to the EDI Committee issues they think should be addressed and the priority in which they should be tackled. The EDI Committee is currently looking at issues such as representation of people from minority ethnic backgrounds in the professoriate and in senior positions in business schools, decolonising the curriculum, closing the award gap and representation on Chartered ABS committees and speakers at our conferences.

Formation of the working group will be similar to all Chartered ABS committees such that this is an open call for self-nomination, and we would particularly encourage applications from colleagues from Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups. To apply, please provide a short CV, a short letter describing what knowledge and experience you can offer, and a letter of support from your dean/head of school. It will not be possible for more than one person to apply from each institution.

One member of the group will be selected as the Chair, and the Chartered ABS will provide the secretariat. The group will meet initially on a bi-monthly basis during the set-up period, and will review the frequency of meetings over time.

Please send nominations to Danny Walsh at daniel.walsh@charteredabs.org by close of play on Monday 30 November 2020.