Call for research and innovation business case studies from the CBI

The CBI is producing a new report showcasing research and innovation success stories. The policy report will form the next step in the campaign to raise UK R&D spend and will paint a picture of the diversity of business innovation that is taking place across the UK. We hope that it will also show the importance of supporting R&D through business schools.

In showcasing business stories, the report aims to highlight the importance of business R&D, the contribution that it makes to the UK economy, and the need for government action to support grow R&D activity throughout the UK.

If you are interested in being involved and providing a case study, please send a short paragraph describing examples of company-funded research and innovation activity your school has been involved in to

The CBI is keen to hear examples of:

• Research and innovation that has led to social impact
• Research and innovation that has improved business performance
• Research and innovation that is helping solve the Industrial Strategy’s ‘Grand Challenges
• And for stories illustrating how government funding support has helped companies pursue or undertake more R&D activity.