Call for nominations to form Chartered ABS Apprenticeships Working Group

The Council of the Chartered ABS has suggested an Apprenticeships Working Group be formed to help inform members of what is happening with apprenticeships, to engage with Government to ensure the best possible outcomes, and to consider potential impact on business schools and the decisions of students.

It is considered that this working group will have a natural life of up to two years, but that its influence and importance in that time will be significant.

The working group should consist of members with knowledge and experience of working with apprenticeships and should consist of up to twelve people. One member of the working group will be selected as the Chair, and the Chartered ABS will provide the secretariat. The group will meet initially on a bi-monthly basis during the set-up period and reduce to an agreed appropriate level over time. Once apprenticeships are fully integrated and operating on a stable basis it is likely the working group will disband.

Formation of the working group will be similar to all Chartered ABS committees such that this is an open call for self-nomination. Applicants should provide a short cv, a short letter describing what knowledge and experience you can offer, and a letter of support from your dean/head of school. Unlike other committees, it will be possible for up to two people to come from the same institution.

Please send nominations to Gail Norcliffe at by Monday 9 October