Call for papers: PRME 10th Anniversary Special Issue International Journal of Management Education

This call for papers is a great opportunity for academics from all regions and specialising in different areas of responsible management to contribute.

The web link for the special issue is as follows:

The special issue will be published in 2017 (PRME's 10th Anniversary) in time for the Global Forum, so the call is twofold: Papers looking at what has been achieved in the last decade and papers looking towards the SDG agenda for PRME.

The IJME journal is published by Elsevier who are working with various organisations on publications towards the SDGs (see recent report:

The Journal itself is very much on the rise and Elsevier has big ambitions for the journal which has high volume international contributor and readership rates.

Submission Guidelines

The deadline for submissions is 18th November 2016 and should be submitted via the journal’s online submission system available through the journal homepage:

or directly via:
choosing “ SI PRME” as the article type from the drop down menu.

All papers should follow the guidelines outlined by the journal for submission:
All submissions will be subject to a rigorous double-blind review process and invitations to revise and resubmit will follow initial submissions.

Additional information can be obtained from and expressions of interest can be sent to Carole Parkes

Carole Parkes will be taking part in a session called 'Social responsibility in management education' at our Annual Conference on 14-15 November. This session will explore whether the UN's PRME initiative is meeting its objectives.