Chartered ABS and BAM response to the House of Commons Science & Technology Committee Inquiry

On 20 July 2018 the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee announced an inquiry into the balance and effectiveness of research and innovation spending. The inquiry is looking into how public funding for research and development might be best allocated, distributed, and have its effectiveness assessed.

The Chartered ABS, with the British Academy of Management, welcome the inquiry. As outlined in our response below, we are encouraged by the Government's ongoing commitment to raising R&D spending as a proportion of GDP, but believe more needs to be done to allocate this spending effectively to tackle the UK's productivity challenges as outlined in the Industrial Strategy. In particular, we would like to see an end to under-investment in business and management research, which will be crucial to tackling these challenges and have a much greater role to play in strengthening the UK economy. You can download and read our full response here.