Chartered ABS responds to first ever measure of vocational degrees

The Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) has introduced an experimental measure called the Occupations Subject Concentration Ratio (OSCR) that compares subjects based on how vocational they are. Under the OSCR a subject is considered ‘vocational’ if it leads to employment in a narrow range of occupations. HEFCE believes that providing prospective students with an understanding of how vocational different subjects are, and the likely employment outcomes, is important when it comes to choosing a course. HEFCE requested feedback on the OSCR from interested parties.

The Chartered ABS has responded by expressing its support for efforts to increase the information available to prospective students, but is concerned that the OSCR may give the misleading impression that subjects evaluated as ‘less vocational’ do not adequately equip graduates with the skills necessary for a successful workplace career. The Chartered ABS has requested that HEFCE reconsiders both the purpose of the OSCR and the methodology it is derived from.


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