CIPD: Research tender invitations for three complementary studies

The CIPD is currently commissioning three separate but complementary research studies. Each of these studies will comprise a literature review and an exploration of the metrics and indicators at individual, organisational and macro-economic levels which may be used to describe the research topics.

Tenders for any or all of these three projects are welcome, but a separate proposal must be submitted for each one.

The three studies will explore the topics of:

  • job quality and the purpose of work: what value do we place on work and what does good quality work look like?
  • work and value creation: how is organisational value created and assessed in the context of work and employment?
  • the shaping of employment relationships: what is the balance of power and scope for employee influence in the employment relationship?

The deadline for receipt of submissions to is 9:00 am GMT on Monday 20 February 2017.