About the Certified Management & Business Educator

The Certified Management & Business Educator (CMBE) scheme supports educators to further develop their teaching practice and helps to advance the quality of business and management education in higher education.

The scheme has been developed in response to increasing pressure on universities, from students and government regulation, to demonstrate and develop teaching excellence. It will also address the issue of there being no requirement on university educators to continuously develop their practice.

The scheme and the CMBE designation are intended to continually raise the standards of teaching and learning in the fields of business and management, and to instil confidence in employers, students and other stakeholders of business educators.

The scheme is for those who teach, or lead learning and teaching activities. This includes educators in the fields of economics, accounting and finance, as well as those delivering business and management education in other schools such as engineering.

The scheme is open to permanent members of staff and adjuncts, and will also be available to relevant educators in non-Chartered ABS business schools.

The scheme is voluntary and demonstrates a commitment to CPD, personal development and professionalism to the highest standards of learning and teaching.

The CMBE is overseen by the Professional Standards Board. The Terms of Reference of the CMBE Professional Standards Board are available here.