Annual Declaration, Submission and Auditing

Annual declaration

Every subscriber will have to make an annual declaration to confirm that they have fulfilled their commitment to undertake 40 units CPD in accordance with the scheme’s criteria. They must do so during the 12th month of their subscription.

Online subscriber profile

Each subscriber has a private profile on the Chartered ABS website through which they have the option to keep updated throughout the year by keeping a log of their CPD activity. Their profile will also store their development plan for the year ahead, and their reflective statement at year end. It is not mandatory to maintain a profile but, if audited, a user must be able to evidence the CPD they have undertaken by making a complete submission through their online profile. View an example of CPD Submission Form.

What if I'm audited?

A random sample of subscribers will be audited each year to ensure that subscribers' obligations to undertake CPD and reflection are being met. Subscribers who are selected for the annual audit will have to submit evidence to support their submission. They will have 8 weeks’ notice prior to the end of their 12 month subscription in which to prepare their submission.

It is the responsibility of the subscriber to maintain a record of evidence of all CPD undertaken. This supporting evidence should be kept by the subscriber for a period of three years in case it is needed for a CPD review. Audited subscribers will need to submit their evidence to us using the evidence submission forms in their online profile. All CPD activities submitted must be supported by a reflective statement explaining how the activity contributed to their development.

Examples of CPD evidence include:

  • copy of register/certificate
  • copy of/link to slides, paper, article
  • supporting documentation outlining module/course redesign
  • letter/email confirming committee/steering group membership or minutes/agenda
  • personal notes/reflection on impact of their development activity

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