What are the benefits for business schools?

The CMBE advances the development of business and management educators on an ongoing basis through a commitment to continuous professional development. The scheme has been developed in response to increasing pressure on universities, from students and government regulation, to demonstrate and develop teaching excellence.

Benefits for business schools

Support the development and promotion of teaching faculty

  • The CMBE provides a CPD framework to support the development and promotion of teaching faculty, and the advancement of the quality of teaching within your institution.
  • Include the CMBE as part of your internal professional development framework.

Demonstrate your commitment to teaching quality

  • The CMBE provides evidence for TEF submissions.
  • Helps meet accreditation standards which require a systematic approach to the continuous professional development of faculty.
  • Contributes to PR to support student recruitment and student satisfaction.

CPD Provision

  • The CMBE offers CPD provision responsive to the development needs of business school faculty.

Supports faculty recruitment

  • The CMBE supports recruitment of ‘quality’ part-time staff and adjuncts, by being able to identify those that hold a CMBE.

What next?

Find out about the benefits for educators

Read the CMBE eligibility criteria

Encourage your faculty to apply, contact us to discuss the process for group subscriptions

“The CMBE is really important for business schools because it shows that we’re investing in teaching”

Dr Liz Warren CMBE, University of Greenwich Business School