Standards and Code of Conduct

CMBE Standards

All participants in the scheme must continually reflect upon their development needs and engage in continuing professional development.

To meet the Chartered ABS standards professional development activity undertaken in the last 12 months should:

  1. contribute to their current or future practice, institutional needs and to wider communities of practice;
  2. focus on improving and evaluating student experience and outcomes;
  3. be undertaken regularly and be relevant to business and management education, and to the specific subject area;
  4. be accurately recorded and made available for submission as part of an annual audit; and
  5. be undertaken in accordance with the Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct

1. Subscriber values

  1. Subscribers must be open and transparent in the selection of evidence relating to their submissions to the scheme;
  2. Subscribers must provide evidence of reflection on their development needs and impact on practice in the CPD records upon request;
  3. Subscribers must consider how their selection of CPD activities supports the highest levels of professional ethics, equality, diversity, and sustainability (e.g. consideration given to the impact on the environment of travelling to undertake CPD when a local or online webinar may be a suitable alternative).

2. Subscribers’ relationship with the scheme

  1. Acceptance of the authority of the Chartered ABS in all matters relating to the scheme;
  2. Prompt payment of annual subscription;
  3. Subscribers must maintain recoverable records of CPD evidence. Lost or missing documents are the responsibility of the subscriber. This is to facilitate provision of evidence of CPD and supporting documentation (in digital form) as reasonably required by the rules of the scheme.

3. Subscriber promotion of the scheme

  1. Promotion of the scheme through display of CMBE designation where a subscriber’s status is relevant;
  2. Promotion of the scheme, where possible, through institutional appraisal or development processes;
  3. Subscribers should bring to the attention of the scheme(s) any evidence that fellow members have abused or are abusing the Code of Conduct (Whistleblowing). All such notifications to the scheme(s) will be treated in the strictest confidence.