Why become a CMBE?

The CMBE is a professional status for business and management educators who meet the required standards and make a commitment to continuous professional development.

Benefits for educators

The CMBE designation

Use the CMBE designation after your name. The CMBE provides recognition of your expertise, experience and commitment to develop your practice.

Demonstrate to those you teach, your institution, and the teaching community that you are committed to your practice, your development, and your impact on teaching & learning.

Support for your continuing professional development

The CMBE gives you access to CPD provision tailored to business and management educators offered by the Chartered ABS. To meet your CMBE commitment to develop your practice you can also undertake relevant CPD through in-house institutional provision or through external providers such as the HEA, so long as it contributes to your development as an educator.

CMBEs receive discounts to attend Chartered ABS CPD provision.

Progress your career

The CMBE commitment to CPD provides a framework to support your future career development. Your development may demonstrate your progress to support promotion. The designation enhances your profile, credibility, and shows to employers that you meet our standards for business and management educators.

Access a community and contribute to knowledge

When you become a CMBE you are joining a community with a shared interest in advancing business and management education.

You will be able to access and contribute to knowledge, ideas and CPD resources through content on our website, events, workshops and development programmes.

CMBEs also have the option of joining our peer review scheme to support the development of fellow CMBEs.

Advance the community of practice

The CMBE is your commitment to advancing the quality of learning and teaching in the fields of business and management education.

“A CMBE allows me to develop my practice, allows me to innovate in the classroom, and really drives the student experience forward”

Dr Adam Shore CMBE, Liverpool Business School