Call for submissions to deliver CMBE CPD Workshops 2022-23

We are inviting applications from CMBEs to deliver our CPD events (online and in-person) for the CMBEs and the wider learning & teaching community.

The calendar of CMBE CPD events are designed to support the development of teaching practice and leadership of learning & teaching.

Since 2019 we have run a variety of workshops. Topics have included, but are not limited to: online teaching skills; addressing digital poverty, improving student experience of assessment; engaging employers in the curriculum; and developing students employability skills.

Organising such events can contribute towards your annual CPD hours under ‘Community contributions’ and presenting at events can count towards ‘Imparting knowledge specific to developing educational practice’.

Typically the CMBE would take responsibility for designing and facilitating the workshop; and the Chartered ABS would take responsibility for the logistical matters, the marketing, and would be on hand to assist with the refinement of topics and recruitment of guest speakers.

If you have some good ideas for CPD activities or the means to organise CPD for your institution and others, please complete the short form below to apply. Submissions will be peer-reviewed by our new CPD Review Board.

The deadline for responses is Friday 24 June

If you have any questions please contact Oliver Lowe

All workshop proposals will be reviewed by the Peer Review Panel which has been drawn from the CMBE community

Panel members:

  • Dr Amanda Miller, Education Lead, Department of Marketing, Retail and Tourism, Manchester Metropolitan University Business School
  • Dr Amon Simba, Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Strategy, Nottingham Business School
  • Angela Mazzetti, Senior Lecturer in Management Practice & Degree Programme Director, Newcastle University Business School
  • Dr Chau Duong, Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance, Royal Docks School of Business and Law
  • Dr Irina Gokh, Senior Lecturer in International Business, Leicester Castle Business School
  • Josephine Van-Ess, Lecturer in Management, Director of Teaching and Learning (Pg), University of Sussex Business School
  • Professor Natascha Radclyffe-Thomas, Professor Marketing and Sustainable Business, School of Fashion, GCU London
  • Dr Sue Cronshaw, Senior Lecturer in Marketing, Liverpool Business School
  • Vlasios Sarantinos, Senior Lecturer, Bristol Business School

What are we looking for?

All submissions should:

  • Clearly state the focus of the workshop and what participants will gain from it.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of relevant research and literature in the field.
  • Contribute to and extend teaching practice relevant to business and management education (i.e. show originality)
  • Be well-written, and suitable for a national and international audience.

After you have submitted your proposal

When the call for submissions closes on Friday 24 June, all proposals are sent to the Peer Review Panel. The Panel reviews all submissions to ensure they maintain the highest quality and include a valuable range of topics.

You will hear about whether or not we would like to take forward your proposal within 4 weeks of the deadline.