Commercial opportunities through the UKTI


The education team at UKTI has identified a range of commercial opportunities internationally across a range of education sectors and are looking for UK organisations who may be interested in pursuing these opportunities. They have asked us to share the opportunity with our members.

Part of this work involves developing a database of education and training providers that are able and willing to successfully export overseas. UKTI will use this to direct overseas commercial opportunities, of any size and nature, to the relevant UK organisations as well as to understand the Government support which organisations such as business schools may require to successfully expand your business internationally.

There could be great commercial value for business schools to provide input so that your organisation will be included in this database and alerted to overseas commercial opportunities. Using the survey in the link below business schools can provide relevant background information, contact details and views on international expansion.

To join the database please complete this Survey.

The survey will take on average 15 minutes to complete. Please note that the information you provide will not be shared to any commercial organisations and will remain for the use by UKTI.