Degree Apprenticeships: The view from our members

In response to the rapid growth of business schools delivering degree apprenticeships we have undertaken analysis on the current and planned provision within the sector.

In April 2018, we circulated an online survey to our members. The survey was completed by 50 business schools and found that many are already offering level 6 or level 7 degree apprenticeships and intend to expand their provision further, particularly for Level 7 qualifications. Only a minority of schools plan to offer apprenticeships below degree level. Chartered ABS members perceive significant barriers to the successful delivery of these programmes, which include the need for internal cultural change, doubts about sufficient employer engagement and uncertainty about the regulatory and funding regimes.

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Degree apprenticeships enable apprentices to attain a full bachelor’s or master’s degree as part of their apprenticeship by combining working with studying part-time. These qualifications give apprentices a head-start in their chosen profession by equipping them with the vocational skills needed to succeed in the workplace.

Following the introduction of the apprenticeship levy, demand for degree apprenticeships is expected to grow as employers opt to fund these programmes using their levy contributions. As many business schools continue to grow their degree apprenticeships offer, the Chartered ABS has formed an Apprenticeships Working Group of which this report is an output.