Dual appointments for Chartered ABS CEO

We are pleased to report that our CEO, Anne Kiem, has been appointed to the British Academy's Research and Higher Education Policy Committee, and to Policy Connect's Higher Education Committee.

The British Academy is the UK's national body for the study of the Humanities and Social Sciences. It's Research and Higher Education Policy Committee takes an overview of, and approves priorities for, the Academy’s research funding, HE and skills policy in the context of national requirements and overall strategy. More information about the Committee can be found here.

Policy Connect is a cross-party think tank devoted to improving policy and policy-making across a number of sectors. It's Higher Education Commission consists of experts from business, the HE sector, and politics, and was founded in response to Parliamentary demand for a more informed and reflective discourse on higher education issues. The Commission's next enquiry is on the experience of disabled students in higher education, which you can find out more about here.

Both of these groups have vital roles to play in helping advocate for a policy environment that better reflects the needs of the HE sector, and we are very pleased to be representing the needs of business schools and their outstanding contribution to the UK's economy and society. We will certainly keep you informed and involved in any interesting developments in the ongoing work of these teams.