Dynamic Conversations: Data savviness for business school students

Businesses are now inundated with data, both that which they have accumulated themselves, and that which is available from a variety of external sources.The proliferation of these huge amounts of data, commonly referred to as ‘Big Data’, has grown exponentially over the last 10 years and is further predicted to continue growing at an increasing rate.

To help businesses make sense of this data and improve their insight / decision-making and performance management there are a variety of Business Intelligence & Analytics (BI&A) processes and tools that can be utilised to translate and present this data into more effective metrics, forecasts and plans, and therefore more profitable business solutions.  The debate I'd like to have is around what is the most effective teaching framework that can guide the curricula across business school programmes to help produce more ‘data savvy’ and BI&A skilled business graduates.

Here, Dr Philip Oliver of Northumbria University explores the importance of instilling 'data savviness' in Business & Management students, and how embedding a framework across the curriculum can achieve this.