Education and Training Foundation: Invitation to Tender for Training Programme


Co-design and delivery of a training programme for Chief Financial Officers
Notice ID: JAN137111

The Education and Training Foundation are seeking an established provider of training and development for senior finance managers, with a national reputation for excellence. The aim is for them to co-design, develop and deliver a professional development programme for Directors of Finance (or Chief Financial Officers) in the education and training sector. Critically this will support them to contribute more effectively to the strategic future of their organisation.

The recommendations arising from the government initiated Area Review process include proposals for collaborative working between colleges, arrangements for Federations, type A and type B mergers . New appointments to the role, whether from the sector or from outside, need to understand the complexities of college structures, ambitions and relationships with stakeholders, partner organisations and statutory bodies if they are to ensure that the college has strong financial health, be resilient to shocks and sustainable in the future.

A mix of residential, online resources, face to face, structured peer collaboration/review and mentoring is expected to form the basis of the programme, which must have a degree of individualisation.

Deadline: 12pm on Friday 10 February

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