Learning & teaching strategy in uncertain times

Sharing experiences between UK and Canada

16:00-17:20 BST / 11:00-12:20 EST, Thursday 6 May, online

This will be an interactive roundtable discussion for senior learning and teaching staff from UK and Canadian business schools. Attendance is restricted to member institutions of the Chartered Association of Business Schools and Business Schools Association of Canada.

Discussions will be under the Chatham House Rule and there will be a free flowing agenda that explores such questions as:

  • What innovations and new practices have emerged from the crisis that we want to be permanent changes in business  and management education?
  • How do leaders keep staff and faculty energized and forward-looking?
  • What do we need to do to manage student expectations going forward?

Attendance is restricted to one person per institution and each participant must hold a senior L&T position in their institution. If you have any questions about this or are unsure if you are eligible to attend, please get in touch at oliver.lowe@charteredabs.org

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