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5 October, London

This event is designed to help business schools create and implement a strategy to differentiate themselves in a competitive market. In a global marketplace influenced by rankings, accreditations, reputations, new players, and pressure to deliver to the bottom line, business schools need to be able to stand out from the crowd to attract students, staff and funding.

This event will look at the trends that drive student decision-making, explore how business schools can differentiate themselves and give delegates the opportunity to identify their business school’s unique selling points.

Participants will:

  • Hear market intelligence and trends in order to gain a deep understanding of the market.
  • Explore differentiators and workshop what their business school’s unique selling points are.
  • Discuss case studies on business schools that have successfully created a differentiated brand.
  • Examine how to implement a brand strategy across multiple channels (online, social media, print, press, on campus) to different audiences (students, businesses, staff, stakeholders).

Feedback from past participants

The previous event sold out and received some fantastic feedback: “insightful”, “engaging and thought provoking”“this was like Gold Dust”

Speakers include:

Our expert speakers are from top communications and branding agencies, business schools, and student data analysts.

Stuart Balnaves scottwilliamslores WEB
Stuart Balnaves
Head of Learner Experience
Scott Williams
Director of Strategic Marketing
Henley Business School
Andrew Crisp
Justin Shaw WEB Tim Watkinson WEB
Justin Shaw
Managing Director
Communications Management
Tim Watkinson
Director of Communications
Sheffield Hallam University


Who should attend?

Deans and strategic communications and marketing staff

  • The programme will feature speakers from market research companies, leading communications and branding agencies, plus case studies from business schools who have successfully developed and implemented a differentiated communications strategy and brand.

    The format will allow for interaction and provide the space for participants to workshop their business schools differentiators, facilitated by agency experts.

    09:30 Registration and refreshments
    09:50 Welcome and introduction
    Barney Roe, Director of Communications & External Relations, Chartered ABS
    10:00 The market place: What are the drivers in student decision making?
    Stuart Balnaves, Head of Learner Experience, UCAS
    11:00 Refreshments
    11:20 How business schools can differentiate: What are the differentiators?
    Andrew Crisp, Director, CarringtonCrisp
    12:00 Investigating Differentiation - How Sheffield Business School Defined Its (Brand) Narrative
    Justin Shaw, Managing Director, Communications Management
    Tim Watkinson, Director of Communications, Sheffield Hallam University
    12:50 Workshop task – identifying your business school’s differentiators and defining your proposition
    Facilitated by:
    Andrew Crisp, Director, CarringtonCrisp
    13:00 Working lunch
    13:45 Workshop & group discussion – identifying your business school’s differentiators and defining your proposition
    Continued...Facilitated by:
    Andrew Crisp, Director, CarringtonCrisp
    15:00 Comfort break
    15:10 Implementing a differentiated brand strategy across multiple channels to different audiences
    Scott Williams, Director of Strategic Marketing, Henley Business School
    16:00 Close

  • The prices for the full day are:

    1 delegate - £175

    2 delegates (25% discount on 2nd person) - £305


    Chartered ABS offices
    40 Queen Street
    EC4R 1DD