Executive Education Symposium:
Degree Apprenticeships and their Impact on Executive Education

As a major area of recent growth, degree apprenticeships are having a considerable impact upon executive education and its future delivery.

This symposium will examine the array of organisational structures business schools are adopting to provide both degree apprenticeships and executive education, and how this is supported by the wider institution. Case studies will explore:

  • Restructuring departments and professional services to streamline executive education and degree apprenticeship operations and delivery
  • Dealing with rapid growth in degree apprenticeships provision, and managing the opportunities and challenges on other executive education provision
  • Delivering the MBA, MA, degree apprenticeships and executive education through one department
  • The pros and cons of segregating or integrating degree apprenticeships and executive education.

Participants will enhance their understanding of the range of opportunities and challenges of degree apprenticeships for executive education, both currently and in the longer term. This will include analysis of the implications for the skills, competencies and resources needed in teams for the successful delivery of both executive education and degree apprenticeships.

Speakers include:

  • Corey Dixon, Director, Parthenon-EY
  • Louise Donaghy, Head of Business Development and Executive Education, Leicester Castle Business School
  • Jaqueline Bagnall, Director Degree Apprenticeships, The Business School, University of Exeter
  • Dr Yvonne Moogan, Director of Apprenticeships, Leeds University Business School
  • Dr Mel Bull, MBA Director, Sheffield Business School, Sheffield Hallam University
  • Dr Jonathan Gorst, Principal Lecturer, Sheffield Business School, Sheffield Hallam University
  • Directors of Executive Education
  • Senior executive education staff
  • While this symposium will have an executive education focus, it will also be of interest to all business school staff with responsibility for degree apprenticeships

Places at this workshop are £180 per attendee.

Group booking discounts apply whenever you make a booking for more than one colleague from the same organisation. Places for additional colleagues in a group booking are £135.

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To book for a group of five or more colleagues, please email Gail Norcliffe at gail.norcliffe@charteredabs.org to be provided with a special booking code.

Hallam View
Sheffield Business School
Sheffield Hallam University
38-40 Howard St
S1 1WB

If you would like more information about the event, are interested in our programme of executive education symposia, or have any recommendations for how Chartered ABS can support its membership with regards to executive education and degree apprenticeships, please get in touch with Gail Norcliffe at gail.norcliffe@charteredabs.org

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