Deadline for Proposals: Friday 14 December

The challenge

Research conducted by UK business schools’ tackles important, real-world challenges. It pushes the boundaries of knowledge, it helps institutions engage with industry and government and it provides a foundation for innovative and enriching teaching.

Yet, very few people outside the academy understand the extent and impact of business and management research. Unlike disciplines such as engineering and medicine the outputs of business school research are not easy to comprehend, even when they have a massive impact.

A solution

The Chartered ABS Research Exhibition is a series of displays and exhibitions that bring business school research to life.

It is the opportunity for business schools to show policymakers, research funders and end-users how business and & management research is delivering a positive impact to business, society and the economy.

The theme for the inaugural exhibition is Solutions for a prosperous and fair society and it will take place on 20th March 2019 at the University of Edinburgh Business School alongside the Chartered ABS’s Annual Research Conference.

Next steps

All members of the Chartered ABS are encouraged to submit a proposal for a display at this inaugural exhibition.

We are seeking proposals for visually impressive, interactive displays that communicate business school research to a non-academic audience in an accessible and engaging manner.

Your display show articulate:

  1. How the research project delivered or is delivering impact
  2. How the research project contributes to a ‘fair and prosperous society’.
  3. How the display will be accessible and engaging to a non-academic audience. For example, through the production of a set design or instillation, the use props or models or the use of technology.

To submit a proposal please complete the proposal form and send to Oliver Lowe ( All proposals need to be received by 15:00 on Friday 14 December

Please note

  • A certain amount of investment may be required to produce a visually impressive, interactive and engaging display. When completing the form please indicate whether, should your proposal be accepted, you will be able to secure the necessary funding to produce the display and attend the showcase.
  • Once the deadline has passed the proposals will be reviewed by a Judging Panel drawn from the Chartered ABS’ Research Committee. You will be informed of the Judge’s decision by Tuesday 8 January 2019.