The future direction of international student flows

Eighth Directors of International Meeting
14:00-15:30, 4 May, online

This online meeting is solely for Directors of International  (or those with an equivalent position) at UK business schools. The meeting will be facilitated by Professor Simon Mercado Executive Vice President / Directeur Général-Adjoint, ESCP Business School.

Despite fears about the combined effect of Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020/21 student data still shows an overall increase in international students. A record total of 605,000 mobile degree-seeking students (HESA: 2022) have made UK universities their choice, many of them selecting BFME schools and subjects. It seems clear that, despite recent circumstances, UK higher education remains an attractive option for international students.

In this meeting we will examine the evidence of continued growth in international student numbers and explore the following questions:

  • With the 2030 target for inbound numbers already reached, how does the sector define its future ambitions and re-set?
  • Can we have confidence that recent growth can be sustained?
  • Is growth in international student numbers the right path given the controversy over the environmental impact of international student mobility?
  • Where do TNE and on-line learning fit into this complex picture?

In this session we will also reflect on the crisis in the Ukraine and its potential effects on international student mobility.

Attendance at this online meeting is restricted to people with responsibility for international activities and strategy at Chartered ABS member institutions; and we can accommodate one participant per institution. If you are interested in attending and unsure whether you are eligible then please contact Daniel Walsh