Build your capacity to lead your institution’s learning and teaching strategy

LLT 2023 is underway. The 2024 programme will open for enrolment shortly. If you are potentially interested in attending next year's programme please contact


The Leaders in Learning & Teaching Development Programme (LLT) helps those who are preparing for, or aspiring to, lead, manage and deliver high quality learning & teaching. Participants will gain a better understanding of the complexities of the role, build their leadership capacity, develop their research and practise profile and explore approaches to developing and implementing learning & teaching enhancement strategies.

Facilitated by Dr Cathy Minett-Smith, Associate Dean for Learning, Teaching and the Student Experience, Faculty of Business and Law, University of the West of England, LLT is a multi-dimensional development programme designed to nurture professional and leadership development. Each module tackles a range of critical issues led by expert guest speakers and discussions are under the Chatham House Rule, giving participants the opportunity for candid and frank discussion.

LLT is a well-established and well-regarded learning and development programme for senior business school faculty. The sessions are a mixture of preparation, information, interaction and discussion. The topics and guest speakers will provoke reflection, thought and action, and the emphasis will be on collaboration and problem solving.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the programme you will have deepened your understanding about the role of Director of Learning & Teaching and about the skills, knowledge and behaviours that are important in the role. In particular you will:

  • Gain insight into the changing HE landscape and contemporary issues in business school education
  • Identify your individual leadership characteristics and strengths
  • Plan your development goals for effective agile leadership and management of learning & teaching
  • Develop strategies to help you achieve your personal research and/or practice goals to  enhance personal profile within the business and management community
  • Identify the ways in which you can develop your business school's digital footprint to benefit students, staff and your business schools performance in the TEF
  • Learn strategies for supporting the needs and attainment of diverse student cohorts

By participating in the programme you will have the opportunity to build your network of colleagues from business schools across the UK.

Participants are also encouraged to get involved in relevant CMBE sessions as an added reflective lens on their personal development through the programme.

Session One

Thursday 19 - Friday 20 January 2023, London

Agile Leadership: Personal and Leadership Development

This session will focus on understanding the HE landscape, and provide context for shaping your development goals. You will consider your role and responsibilities, discuss your institution within the wider HE policy landscape, and explore the characteristics required for leadership in complexity. You will reflect on and apply the principles to your personal objectives for the future, identifying strengths and areas for development.

Session Two

Thursday 2 - Friday 3 March 2023, London

The Changing Teaching and Learning Landscape

This session will prepare you to adapt to the changing policy and external environment in which business schools operate. You will reflect on the immediate response to Covid-19, and consider the future of your institutions digital footprint. You will explore the digital student experience, leading dispersed teams, creating and supporting communities of practice in digital spaces and reflecting on the profiles of staff and students that may be excluded. The implications for the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) and Graduate Outcomes Survey (GOS) will also be examined, with reflections on the appropriateness of quality assurance processes such as student partnership approaches.

Session Three

Thursday 20 - Friday 21 April 2023, out of London

Nurturing and supporting staff talent and student achievement

This session will support you to better understand how EDI, meaningfully embracing technology, the changing graduate employment landscape and mental health awareness have required leaders in HE to think differently about they both nurture staff, and support students to achieve. Using frameworks of expertise, this session will focus on how, you can create and manage environments that enable authentic self to thrive.

Session Four

Thursday 15 - Friday 16 June 2023, London

Personal Career Planning

By exploring ideas of credibility, this session will focus on building a personal profile in learning & teaching through research and/or practise. You will be supported in identifying areas of research/practise that align with personal and institutional targets, as well as exploring how to build a credible portfolio of scholarly output and contributions in teaching & learning.

Points to note:

The programme fee includes all course materials plus accommodation for each of the sessions and a Dinner with fellow participants on the evening of the first day.

Each module is a two-day session that runs 'lunch to 'lunch'.

Dr Cathy Minett-Smith CMBE, PhD, PFHEA
Dean for Learning, Teaching and the Student Experience, Faculty of Business and Law, University of the West of England (UWE)

Dr Cathy Minett-Smith is a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, a National Teaching Fellow reviewer and has extensive teaching experience in Higher Education. Cathy is currently the Dean of Learning and Teaching in the faculty of Business and Law at the University of the West of England.

Prior to this she was the Associate Dean Student Experience in the University of Bedfordshire Business School where she successfully led the Education Impact strand resulting in Bedfordshire Business School being the first school in the UK to be recognised under EFMD’s Business School Impact System (BSIS). In both of these roles she was responsible for developing and enhancing all aspects of the student experience, working with colleagues in the Business School and wider university to actively link the functional areas of the student learning experience, including administrative, learning support and academic delivery, to creatively and effectively develop the learning experience for students.

Cathy has extensive experience of strategy development and implementation at both an institutional and faculty level. Cathy also has strong connections with the Chartered Association of Business Schools (CABS), is Vice chair of the CABS Learning, Teaching and Student Experience committee and the facilitator of the CABS Leaders in Learning and Teaching development programme.

Programme fee: £4,100*

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does the programme fee include?

The fee includes all course materials and learning resources. It also includes, for each of the four modules, all venue fees, accommodation (1 night) and a dinner with fellow participants.

Can 2 people from the same institution attend this programme?

Due to the nature of the programme which focuses on personal development and encourages frank and open discussion, it may not always be suitable for two participants to attend from the same institution. If we receive two registrations from individuals at the same institution we will notify the institution and the participants, taking account of when the registrations were received, and ask for guidance on whether one or both can attend on the same programme.

What will happen to my booking if some/all of the programme cannot take place as planned?

Before the programme starts: If, due to Covid-19 regulations, we are unable to commence the programme on the scheduled start date we will either postpone to a later date, or consider making LLT a blended, hybrid or fully online programme. The decision will depend on the nature of the situation. In the case of postponement registered participants will automatically be transferred to the new dates. If some/all of the programme is moved online participants will have the option of transferring their booking or receiving a full refund.

Once the programme has started: If, due to Covid-19 regulations, we are unable to run Sessions 2-4 as in-person events on the scheduled dates we will either postpone one or more of the sessions to later dates; or we will complete the programme in a blended, hybrid or fully online way. The decision will depend on the nature of the situation. Registered participants will be consulted before any decisions are made and will automatically be transferred to the new arrangements. If the programme can be completed on new dates or wholly/partially online we will not offer full or partial refunds.

If you have any queries, please contact Chartered ABS Enquiries (

*We do not charge VAT so this represents the full cost.

“Simply, this programme is essential to gain great leadership skills in HE sector.”

Dr Mohamed Saeudy, Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance, University of Bedfordshire


“A fantastic opportunity to meet others in similar leaders of learning and teaching roles, share experiences, reflect on your own role and develop your skills.”

Professor W David McCausland, Director of Undergraduate Studies, University of Aberdeen Business School


“The course offered a rare opportunity to step outside of my institution to share ideas and reflect on issues across the sector with the benefit of expert speakers to prompt discussion and debate. As well as an introduction to a new professional network, I am leaving the course with broader knowledge of the sector, a few new strategies in my toolkit, and a clearer sense of how I might shape the next stage of my career.”

Charlotte Harrison, Principal Lecturer, Faculty of Business and Law, University of Portsmouth


“An excellent opportunity to discuss topical issues with like-minded colleagues.”

Beverly Vickerstaff, Deputy Dean, Faculty of Business and Law, De Montfort University


“I felt energized by the inspirational speakers, course content and amazing participants who shared their considerable knowledge and experience.”

Dr Andrew Jenkins, Subject Leader, Huddersfield Business School