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Showcase your innovative teaching practice and pedagogic research to fellow business & management educators

Learning, Teaching & Student Experience 2022 (LTSE 2022) takes place on 24-25 May at the ICC in Belfast. The conference will showcase the latest, most effective and innovative approaches to business and management education.

This year's conference will also explore how business and management educators are supporting the health and wellbeing of students and fellow educators; how the lessons learned from the pandemic are informing learning & teaching strategy; how sustainability and climate action goals are being reflected in business & management education; and how business schools are tackling inequalities and working to support disadvantaged and underrepresented staff and students. 

Presenting at LTSE 2022 is an excellent way to:

  • Demonstrate innovative teaching to colleagues from across the sector
  • Gather constructive feedback about a new research project, course or initiative
  • Share best practice in supporting student retention, attainment and progression
  • Refine your presentation and communication skills

Three steps to making your submission:

Step 1. Select a theme
Each submission must reflect one of the nine conference themes.

Step 2. Choose a format
Choose from one of the six different presentation formats

Step 3. Make your submission
Complete one of the downloadable submission forms and upload it by 28 January.

Each submission for LTSE 2022 should reflect one of the nine conference themes

1. Innovations in online learning and teaching

How business schools are using technology to sustain high quality education and student experience, and new ways in which technology can be used to enrich business & management education over the long term.

2. Effective assessment & constructive feedback

Boosting student attainment and engaging students in their learning by using new and inventive forms of assessment and feedback, and revitalising tried and tested methods.

3. Sustainability

How business schools are responding to the climate emergency and working to make business & management education more sustainable and responsible.

4. Student health and wellbeing

Effective ways in which business schools are supporting the health and wellbeing of students, and how the pandemic is reshaping the provision of academic and pastoral care.

5. Supporting disadvantaged and underrepresented students

Tackling educational inequity, technology deprivation and improving the retention, progression and attainment of black, Asian and minority ethnic students, disabled students and other disadvantaged and underrepresented groups.

6. Encouraging and engaging the student voice

Facilitating candid and constructive dialogue with students to shape business and management education, assessment and business school strategy.

7. Upskilling and reskilling the UK workforce

How postgraduate programmes, executive education, business growth programmes and apprenticeships are helping businesses of all sizes navigate uncertain market conditions; and how business schools are contributing to the public good.

8. Developing enterprising, ethical and work-ready graduates

Helping students gain meaningful employment in today’s tough marketplace through collaborations with employers, enterprise education, responsible management education, and other employability focused strategies.

9. Leading learning & teaching teams

Strategies that have supported business & management educators through the stress and exhaustion of the past academic year; and ways to nurture staff wellbeing, resilience and professional development in the year ahead.

Research Paper Presentation

Presenting a research paper is a valuable way of presenting the findings of a completed project or gaining feedback about an on-going piece of work.

Research paper sessions involve a 20 minute (max) oral presentation followed by 10 minutes Q&A.

Case Study Presentation

Delivering a Case Study Presentation is a great way of sharing an innovation or example of good teaching practice with colleagues.

Case Study Presentations involve a 20 minute (max) oral presentation followed by 10 minutes Q&A.


Facilitating a workshop is a great way of delivering practical learning to fellow educators. Workshops should be highly interactive and can include panel discussions and group work. Workshops are not suitable for the delivery of Case Study-style presentations.

Workshop duration: 30 or 60 minutes

PechaKucha Presentation

PechaKucha Presentations consist of a rolling loop of 20 slides each displaying for just 20 seconds. That's 6 minutes 40 seconds in total. What makes for a great PechaKucha presentation? Click here.

PechaKucha Presentation slide decks must be submitted to the Chartered ABS in advance of the conference. Any presentation that has been accepted for the conference but does not confirm with the official PechaKucha format will be changed to a Digital Pre-Record session.

Roundtable Discussion

Roundtable Discussions offer opportunities for a discursive exploration of practice-based issues and topics of common interest. Because roundtable discussions are opportunities for interactive, free-flowing discussion we do not require as much information in the submission as with the other submission types.

Roundtable Discussion duration: 30min

Digital Pre-Record

A Digital Pre-Record submission is anything which is prepared in advance of the conference and available to participants asynchronously through the conference app. Examples of Digital Resource submissions are video presentations, posters and podcasts.

Digital Pre-Record submissions that are accepted for LTSE 2022 must be pre-recorded and sent to the Chartered ABS in advance of the conference.

Digital Pre-Records: Additional Guidance

A Digital Pre-Record is anything which is prepared in advance of the conference and available to participants asynchronously. Examples of Digital Resource submissions are video presentations, posters, PechaKucha presentations and podcasts. You are free to submit your Pre-Record in one of two ways:

  1. As a Presentation Video
  2. As a single page PDF poster

Please send the final version of your Digital Pre-Record to Oliver Lowe ( no later than 14:00 on Friday 6 May.

Presentation Video

  • Create your video using either Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote.

PowerPoint -

Keynote -

  • Use no more than 5 slides and restrict the overall running time to 10min.
  • Make sure each slide is clearly laid out and text and images are well organised and not overcrowded

If you need some inspiration please take a look at the resources below:

Single Page PDF Poster

  • Create your single-page poster presentation in PowerPoint or Keynote using a horizontal 16:9 ratio. Remember to save it as a PDF before submitting it
  • Make sure that text and graphics are clear so that they can be viewed on screens of various sizes
  • Include the full title of your poster somewhere prominently on the poster

Research Papers, Workshops, PechaKucha Presentations, Case Study Presentation

Roundtable Discussion

Digital Pre-Record


Deadline for submissions: Friday 28 January

Important notice: Please remember to click 'submit' when you have completed the submission form.

If you do not receive a submission confirmation email then please contact Oliver Lowe ( to check that your submission was definitely submitted. Unless a submission is received through an online submission form it cannot be considered for inclusion in the conference.

What are we looking for?

When the call for submissions closes on Friday 28 January, all submissions are sent to the Chartered ABS's Learning, Teaching & Student Experience committee for review. The committee reviews all submissions to ensure they maintain the highest quality and include a valuable range of research into learning, teaching, assessment and the wider student experience.

All submissions should:

  • Contribute to the conference theme
  • Clearly state the focus of the session and what participants will gain from it.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of relevant research and literature in the field.
  • Contribute to and extend practices and scholarship relevant to business and management education (i.e. show originality)
  • Be well-written, and suitable for a national and international audience.

Other points to consider before making a submission:

Each person involved in a submission should ensure that, should their submission be accepted, they are able to attend the conference.

Submissions must not be scheduled for presentation at another conference in three months before or after LTSE 2022

If the submission has been presented at a conference in the past there must be a significant development in the content. This is particularly important if it has been presented at LTSE in the past.

An individual can be a named author in up to four submissions. However, no one can be involved in the delivery of more than two sessions at the conference. If you are named in three or more submissions that then get accepted for the conference you will need to pick two sessions to which to contribute.

After you have completed your submission

Once the submission deadline has passed all submissions will be sent to the Submission Review Panels for review.

You will hear about whether or not your submission has been accepted for inclusion in the conference up to three weeks after the submission deadline.

At least one author from each accepted submission must have registered to attend the conference by Friday 25 March. If no author of an accepted submission has registered by this date then the submission will be withdrawn from the conference.

If your submission is accepted for the conference but you subsequently find that you cannot attend then please inform the Chartered ABS as promptly as possible.

Authors whose submissions are accepted for LTSE 2022 will have the opportunity to make a submission for the Conference Proceedings.

Further details about submission criteria and process will be released in due course.


Become a reviewer and help shape LTSE 2022

To ensure that the conference programme is of the highest quality each submission is peer reviewed by the Chartered ABS's Learning, Teaching & Student Experience Committee (click here) and members of the wider business & management educator community.

Members of the business & management educator community, in particular those who hold the CMBE, are invited to contribute to the scholarly process of creating the LTSE 2022 conference programme by volunteering as submission reviewers.

Why should I volunteer?

Helping to review LTSE 2022 submissions is a great way of contributing to the educator community, and supporting your own professional development. Specifically, you will:

  • Expand your knowledge and expose yourself to advances in research and teaching practice in areas outside your own discipline
  • Enhance your critical-thinking skills that can support your own research and teaching
  • Help to nurture and support fellow business school educators
  • Add an extra dimension to your CV and have the opportunity to get involved in other Chartered ABS activities

What will I be required to do and when?

We ask each volunteer reviewer to select two of the nine conference themes (click here to view themes) that best match you areas of interest and expertise. You will then be allocated up to a maximum of 5 submissions within one or both of these themes. These submissions might be any of the six formats (click here to view formats). No volunteer reviewer will be asked to review more than 5 submissions.

For each submission you will be asked to complete a short form with your decision and your feedback which will be shared with the reviewers. You will work alongside two other reviewers on each submission at least one of which will be a member of the CABS LTSE Committee.

You will receive your submissions 'bundle' on Tuesday 1 February and will have two weeks for the review. We request that all completed forms are returned no later than Thursday 17 February.

How do I volunteer?

To volunteer please complete the form below no later than Tuesday 25 January.

Avoiding conflicts of interest

We recognise that volunteer reviewers may themselves have made submissions or be associated with submissions made by colleagues. To avoid conflicts of interest no one will be allocated a submission made by a colleague at their institution. If, on receiving a submission you feel that there is a conflict of interest then please let us know and we will reassign the submission.

Early Bird Discount and 25% Group Booking Discounts available

Presenters - Early Bird Rates

Those whose submissions are accepted for LTSE 2022 will be entitled to discounted presenter rates.

  • Full conference with Dinner - £309
  • Full conference without Dinner - £289
  • Single day without dinner - £199
  • Two participants for full conference with Dinner - £539 (save 25% on the second place)
  • For groups of 3 or more participants or for bespoke combinations of tickets please contact

Delegate Rates

Members - Early Bird Rates

Not sure whether your institution is a member? Full list available here.

  • Full conference with Dinner - £409
  • Full conference without Dinner - £389
  • Single day without dinner - £269
  • Two participants for full conference with Dinner - £719 (save 25% on the second place)
  • For groups of 3 or more participants or for bespoke combinations of tickets please contact

Non-Members - Early Bird Rates

Universities, public sector, commercial

  • Full conference with Dinner - £529
  • Full conference without Dinner - £509
  • Single day without Dinner - £349

Important: Non-member organisations are are allowed a maximum of two tickets. If you wish to bring more people to the conference please contact Oliver Lowe to discuss sponsorship opportunities

Transfers, Cancellations and full Terms & Conditions - click here

Pay your CMBE subscription with your LTSE 2022 ticket

You can pay for your annual CMBE subscription when you register for LTSE 2022. Once your submitted application has been approved, make sure you're logged in to the Chartered ABS website and register for LTSE 2022 via this page by selecting the option that includes your CMBE subscription fee.

If you are renewing an existing subscription and would like to make payment alongside LTSE 2022, please first complete your End of Year Declaration. Once complete, make sure you're logged in to the Chartered ABS website and register for LTSE 2022 via this page by selecting the option that includes your CMBE subscription fee.

Learning, Teaching and Student Experience 2022
24-25 May, ICC, Belfast

Now in its twelfth year the Learning, Teaching & Student Experience conference is a wonderfully supportive environment and a great opportunity for learning, professional development and networking.

The conference typically brings together more than 350 educators from across the UK's business school community. Over two days, we will showcase the latest innovations in teaching practice, cutting-edge pedagogic research and effective student engagement activities.

Contribute towards your CMBE commitment to professional development

Presenting at LTSE 2022 is an excellent way for educators who hold the CMBE to contribute to their commitment to continuing professional development; the development of others, and the advancement of business and management education.

You can claim CPD units towards your CMBE commitment for the time you spend developing and delivering your presentation.

Depending on your presentation format, you could accrue CPD units towards one of the following activities:

  • Imparting knowledge
  • Scholarly outputs

View the CMBE activities weighting table.

Become a CMBE

If you’re not yet a CMBE, find out more and apply now.

“LTSE is a safe and friendly space to advance your commitment to education”

“LTSE attracts a community of people who are committed to, and enthusiastic about, teaching and learning in business schools.”

“I have gained a lot of valuable feedback on my research, which has accelerated my progress. My learning and inspiration I had gained from the conference have been really transformative for my pedagogical practice.”

“I have been able to reconnect with old friends and find many new colleagues”