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Professional Managers' Annual Conference 2018
10-11 December, Oxford Brookes Business School

Workshops - Best Practice Case Studies - Posters - Research

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The Professional Managers Annual Conference (PMAC) offers professional services staff working within, and for, business schools the opportunity to reflect on common challenges, share best practice and develop new networks.

We are now accepting submisions for the programme. If you are doing something of which you are particular proud and which demonstrates how professional services add value to a business school then you should consider submitting a presentation proposal for this year's conference.

Deadline for submissions: Friday 17 August

"I wanted to share the innovation of Adam Smith Graduate Award programme and how we improved our student experience with others.

What I most enjoyed about presenting the poster was the engagement and networking with everyone at the conference, it was a great opportunity to share ideas and hear from others what they had achieved within their own schools.

My top tip is to be creative with your presentation, this is your opportunity to showcase an innovation from your school and enhance your brand and reputation. It is a great experience and I gained a lot of insight into other schools as part of my poster presentation and made new friends.

Kirsteen Daly
Accreditations and Postgraduate Manager, Adam Smith Business School

"Sharing our approach to what is likely a common challenge with colleagues from other business schools was what motivated me to make a submission. It was also an opportunity to raise the profile of Lancaster University Management School within the sector.

My advice to those making a submission is to discuss your idea within your own school first in order that you have a good idea of what might be the points of discussion ahead of the event itself.

Don’t worry about others in the room having expertise in your area as this is an opportunity to further improve the areas you’re working on"

Adam Mitchell
Marketing Manager, Lancaster University Management School

"I really enjoyed my experience running a workshop at PMAC 17. A colleague encouraged me to do it, and whilst I was nervous I saw this as a great opportunity.

I was really grateful for all the careful organisation by the CABS team which ensured my session ran smoothly and I didn’t have to worry about the room set up or the tech failing. The attendees were engaged and supportive.

As well as the realisation that my research could benefit others, this also opened many interesting conversations throughout the rest of the conference."

Nicola Scull
Head of Digital Learning & Libraries, The London Institute of Banking & Finance


What is a submission?

A submission is an application to deliver a presentation on the programme or to display/present a poster at the conference. Each submission should relate to one of the track themes and should provide evidence of a successful and innovative project, strategy or initiative.

Track Themes for PMAC 2018

  1. Student recruitment
  2. Business engagement
  3. Income diversification
  4. Delivering projects
  5. Internationalisation
  6. Supporting research
  7. CRM
  8. Driving organisational change and impact 
  9. Succession planning

The Track Themes reflect the key business school activities included in the Professional Development Matrix for Professional Managers as devised by the Chartered ABS' Professional Managers' Committee.


Why should I make a submission?

Professional managers make a critical contribution to the success and sustainability of their institutions. They play a direct role in a wide variety of business school activities and they add both top- and bottom-line value.

Presenting at PMAC 2018 is a great way to:

  • Showcase the excellent things that you and your team are doing to the wider business school community
  • Build your personal network and demonstrate professional development
  • Learn from your peers and get new ideas to take back to your colleagues

We are pleased to offer discounted tickets to those who have their submissions accepted. This applies to both presentation and poster submissions.


Please complete your submission using the form below. If you have any questions or are uncertain about how to complete the form then please contact Oliver Lowe oliver.lowe@charteredabs,org +44 (0) 207 634 9581

Track themes for PMAC 2018

Each submission should reflect a dimension of the Chartered ABS' Professional Development Matrix for Professional Managers. This matrix captures the most significant business school activities to which professional managers contribute.

Key business school activities

Student recruitment: Innovative ways in which the recruitment cycle is managed, how widening participation is being done, best practice in the organisation of recruitment events and open days, inventive marketing and communication strategies.

Business engagement: Alumni engagement and fundraising strategies, interesting ways in which the Small Business Charter is being used, new approaches to knowledge exchange and transfer, the development of partnerships with local businesses.

Income diversification: Best practice in budget management and financial forecasting, measuring and managing risk, the professional manager contribution to the development of distance learning, conducting cost-benefit analyses.

Delivering projects: Examples of directing cross-funtional teams, setting performance standards, strategic implementation plans or commissioning and contracting processes.

Internationalisation: Developing international strategies, new models for overseas partnerships, recruiting and developing overseas staff, novel ways of gathering market intelligence, conducting effective risk assessments, managing visa arrangements.

Supporting research: Managing REF submissions, effective ways of supporting early-career researchers, staffing research support functions, managing the bidding process and developing research spaces.

CRM: Organising Service Level Agreements, delivering staff training, events planning, implementing accreditation processes

Driving organisational change and impact: Examples of effective ways of managing conflict and resolving disputes, developing and organising organisation change policies and conducting workload planning

Succession planning: Developing talent management strategies, identifying business critical positions, creating optimal working environments

Each presentation or poster submission should provide evidence of a successful and innovative project, strategy or initiative. Submissions should also show the professional competencies, skills and behaviours that are being used to deliver the project on initiative. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Acquiring business critical knowledge
  • Managing information
  • Problem analysis/solutions
  • Delivering service improvements
  • Effective monitoring and control
  • Leadership and team development
  • Gaining, planning and deploying resources
  • Utilising interpersonal communication and persuasion
  • Developing and implementing policy
  • Strategic planning
  • Governance and internal relationships

If you have any questions please contact Oliver Lowe at the Chartered ABS (0207 634 9581

What is the difference between a presentation submission and a poster submission?


A presentation submission is an application to deliver a session on the programme.

  • The submission should reflect one of the 9 Track Themes
  • The submission should be no more than 500 words and should give:
    • An overview of the proposed presentation
    • An indication of how the session will be delivered
    • A summary of what attendees will learn from the session
  • If the submission is accepted the presenter(s) will be allocated a 40min slot (inclusive of Q&A) in the relevant track on the programme


A poster submission is an application to produce and display a poster at the conference.

  • The submission should reflect one of the 9 Track Themes
  • The submission should be no more than 400 words and should give an overview of the project or initiative.
  • If the submission is accepted the presenter(s) will be given the opportunity to display a poster in a dedicated area near the main refreshment/exhibition hall.

Points to consider before making a submission

  • Submissions should be made via the dedicated PMAC 2018 submissions website.
  • All submissions need to be received by Friday 17 August. Submissions received after this date will not be considered for inclusion.
  • Each person involved in a submission should ensure that, should their submission be accepted, they are able to attend the conference. This may involve seeking approval from your institution that the costs of attendance (the conference ticket, travel and accommodation) can be covered.
  • Authors must not be involved in more than two submissions

After you have completed your submission

  • Once the submission deadline has passed all submissions will be sent to the Submission Review Panels for review.
  • You will hear about whether your submission has been accepted for inclusion in the conference by Friday 7 September
  • At least one author from each accepted submission must have registered to attend the conference by Friday 21 September
  • If your submission is accepted for the conference but you subsequently find that you cannot attend then please inform the Chartered ABS as promptly as possible.

Chartered ABS Members

Not sure whether your institution is a member? Full list available here.

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All those who have their presentation or poster accepted for inclusion in the conference are eligible for the discounted presenter passes

Full conference with Gala Dinner - Early Bird Discount  £279
Single day without Gala Dinner - Early Bird Discount  £119
Full conference without Gala Dinner - Early Bird Discount  £219
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For further information about PMAC 2018 please visit the main conference website or contact Oliver Lowe at the Chartered ABS.

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