Digital paths to internationalisation

The Seventh Directors of International Meeting
12:00 - 13:00, Monday 12 July

The Seventh Directors of International Meeting is an opportunity for Directors of International to reflect on the challenges and the opportunities that have presented themselves since the start of the pandemic.

It is clear from both student and staff experience over the past year that online learning is not a substitute for campus-based programmes, but it may provide a useful complement in the future. We seek to explore what opportunities for internationalisation exist that perhaps did not before and consider what the right balance or blend between digital and face to face international activities might look like in future. We also want to consider how an increased digital capability in our schools can open up opportunities for students who might be less able to access traditional international experiences.

This interactive, candid discussion will be facilitated by:

Dr Yvonne Carlisle, Head of International, Nottingham Business School; Vice Chair, Chartered ABS International Committee

Amos Olujide, Director, Executive Development Centre (Nigeria)

Dr Craig Robinson, Director of Digital Education, Edinburgh Business School; Member, Chartered ABS International Committee

Dr Faye Taylor, Digital Learning Manager, Nottingham Business School

Note: Attendance at this webinar is restricted to peop with responsibility for international strategy at Chartered ABS member institutions. If you are interested in attending and unsure whether you are eligible then please contact Daniel Walsh

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