Leading and managing academic teams

Wednesday 24 January, London

As a leader we are often expected to be all things to all people. We are there to inspire and lead and bring the best out in others. We need to listen, provide guidance, deliver well thought-out strategy, and embrace innovation.

The pressures facing those responsible for leading and managing academic teams within UK business schools are particularly acute. Those CMBEs and the wider business & management educator community who have management responsibilities are often called up to support the strategic development of an institution's educational provision; to help share good practice across teams; and recruit, motivate and develop diverse teams.

This one-day workshop, delivered in partnership between the Chartered ABS and Belbin, will offer leaders and managers of academic teams in UK business schools expert insights into how we can all develop our own unique leadership style, and apply it to the effective leadership and management of our teams.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the workshop participants will:

  • Have a greater understanding of self, and how to use their strengths within a leadership role.
  • Understand how their leadership style impacts others.
  • Have a greater awareness and understanding of the dynamics of a team.
  • Have a language to appreciate the contributions of others and understand how to inspire and lead others.
  • Be cognisant of the ways that conflict can manifest itself within a team and gain the skills to manage.
  • Have a plan to develop as a leader – areas to strengthen and grow.

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Jo Keeler
Managing Director, Belbin

During her 22-year tenure at Belbin, Jo has been responsible for spearheading strategic and operational activities, and building the Belbin brand, both in the UK and worldwide. In addition to liaising with global Belbin partners, Jo leads the UK team and works closely with Dr Meredith Belbin to ensure that innovation is always in line with the company’s ethos. In recent years, Jo has focused her efforts on bringing the Belbin message to international audiences, inspiring them to use the Team Role framework to usher in lasting team and business performance improvements.


09:30    Registration and refreshments

10:00    Welcome and introductions

Discussion: Is there a ‘standard leader? Who do we use as the ‘blueprint’?

10:20    Starting with self

During this session we will be looking at the Belbin Team Roles reports to garner an understanding of the behavioural strengths we can bring to the team leadership role.

  • Before you can lead others, you must first understand
  • Where do you see your strengths? What strengths do others see?
  • How do you approach work and interact with others?

There will be an element of presentation and exercises, and also facilitated discussion.

11:30    Appreciating others: How to inspire and lead those around you

  • We are all different. How to recognise and use behavioural differences in the team. How do these differences manifest themselves?
  • How to delegate tasks and responsibilities effectively
  • How does the culture of the team effect your ability to lead?
  • Improving communication skills: How to adapt your communication to get the best from your team.

13:00   Lunch

14:00   Conflict resolution

During this session we will be using the framework of Belbin to help us to identify potential conflicts within the teams we lead and look at ways to manage them. How can we predict conflict?


15:00    Learning and development

Putting our learning in to practice.

  • Where do you see yourself in two years’ time? What do you need to develop / change/ strengthen for this to become a reality?
  • Development of a leadership development plan

16:00    Close

Note: The workshop involves group discussions and exercises.

Resources (handouts) will be supplied, and each participant will leave with a copy of their Belbin Individual report and access to their own online Belbin account. They will also be given a copy of the Team Alignment Exercise, Team Conversation cards and their own Learning Plan.

This workshop takes place at the Chartered ABS Event Space at 40 Queen Street.

40 Queen Street


Participants are responsible for making their own accommodation arrangements. Recommended hotels will be available shortly.

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