The Deans' Meeting: radical change and reinvention

9:30-11:00, Wednesday 8 April - WEBINAR (by invitation)

The free-flowing agenda allows for open and frank dialogue about how UK business schools are responding to the Covid-19 pandemic, and about the longer term opportunities and challenges facing the sector. In this month’s meeting particular attention will be paid to the rapid adoption of online learning, the implications of Covid-19 for international and domestic student recruitment, and how to manage staff health and wellbeing in these turbulent times.

Facilitated by the Chair of the Chartered ABS, Professor Robert MacIntosh, the Deans Meeting is an online forum solely for Deans of UK business schools, akin to the Deans’ Meeting at our Annual Conference. All discussion will be under the Chatham House Rule.


Attendance at this webinar is restricted to Deans of UK business schools. All those eligible to attend will have received an invitation from Anne Kiem on 1 April 2020. The invitation is non-transferable.

If you did not receive your invitation and are unsure about whether you are eligible to attend this meeting then please contact Oliver Lowe -