Bring a Chartered ABS event to your school

Nominate your school to host a Chartered ABS event in 2022-23

Each year the Chartered ABS hosts a range of in-person and online events. Our in-person events portfolio includes a wide variety of gatherings ranging from our large annual conferences to smaller workshops and seminars. Click here to view the calendar.

In the spirit of sustainability, accessibility and inclusion, we run our events across the UK, including many at our member institutions.

We are now inviting all members to nominate their institution as the location for one of our 2022-23 events. Hosting a Chartered ABS event is a great opportunity to raise the profile of your school with the Chartered ABS membership and the wider stakeholder community.

if you would like to host a Chartered ABS, Certified Management & Business Educator (CMBE), or Small Business Charter (SBC) event in 2022-23 then please complete the form below.

Deadline for responses: Friday 19 August

Important notice:

We run our events on a commercial basis in that participants pay a fee to attend and we pay venue costs (room hire, catering etc). We do not ask members to offer venue space for free.

Venue nomination form