Help the calls for post-study work visas by providing case studies showing the value of international students to local businesses

The CBI are keen to support the calls for international students to be able to stay in the UK and work for a longer period after their study, which aligns with the Chartered ABS's own position. They are building a portfolio of case studies showing the impact international students can have on local businesses, and we are therefore calling for examples you have of your own international students working in and being particular assets to local businesses. This will add to our own evidence base and help others with the same objective. We will look to publish the case studies on our website and share them with the CBI, with your permission.

The momentum for this call is building again and this is an opportunity that we shouldn’t miss to make clear why international students should be encouraged to not only study here in the UK, but also to work in and build relationships with UK businesses that will last when the students return to their home countries.

All Chartered ABS member schools are welcome to submit case studies. The only requirements are that the case studies are around 700 words in length, and are written to a professional standard but in an accessible, non-academic style. Examples of written work in this style can be found in our online blogs.

If you wish to be a part of this exciting initiative please send completed case studies, as well as any questions, to Alex Rees at by Friday 30 August 2019.

For more information on our work promoting international students and internationalisation, see our policy page.