The Impact of Executive Education report



We are pleased to publish our report on ‘The Impact of Executive Education: A Review of Current Practice & Trends’.

The report explores how the outcomes of UK business school executive education programmes are measured and assesses the impact executive education has on participants, organisations, the economy, and on business schools and universities themselves.

Our findings show that UK executive education is a vibrant, growing and dynamic part of business schools. In many institutions it is the exemplar of business engagement and university-business engagement, successfully plugged in to local, national and global businesses. This level of engagement results in executive education generating as much revenue for business schools – 5% of the total across the sector - as research funding. Nearly nine in ten business schools are forecasting their executive education to grow over the next five years.

Beyond the financial contribution to institutions, the report presents a number of case studies on the tangible benefits businesses gain and investigates trends within the sector. We have found that executive education is adaptable and responsive to market shifts driven by changes in the workplace and the demands of employers, as well as to opportunities such as the Apprenticeships Levy. Our study has shown that whilst leadership, strategy and general management progammes remain in the greatest demand, business schools are changing their content to meet growing demand for executive development in entrepreneurship and change management.

In this report, we present insights on:

  • changing modes of executive education delivery
  • content being delivered and how this may change in future
  • demand from clients for different levels of management training
  • factors driving change within the market
  • how, when and by what measures do business schools measure impact on participants and clients
  • impacts on corporate clients
  • the financial impact and additional benefits for business schools

To download the full report and to read our recommendations, please click here.

We are grateful to CarringtonCrisp, our research partner on this report.