Decolonisation and diversification of the curriculum in UK business schools

Rachael Carden, Professor Sally Everett and Dr Kenisha Linton   If you have still to complete this survey on behalf of your business school, you can do so by clicking here. …

Dynamic Conversations: Is cocreation genuinely achievable? Lessons from Bristol Business School

Sara Bird, Director of Learning and Teaching, University of the West of England Reflecting on conversations with Bristol Business School's current Student Curriculum Consultant…

Dynamic Conversations: Pushing over Arenstein’s ladder: Rethinking partnership

Dr Cathy Minett-Smith, Dean of Learning and Teaching, University of the West of England Arnstein's ladder of citizen participation is a well referenced and tested partnership…

Dynamic Conversations: Student partnership for enhancement – tokenism or meaningful disruptor?

Professor Susan Smith, Deputy Director (student experience), UCL School of Management Student partnership work has been criticised for being ‘tokenistic’ (Patrick 2022) and…

Dynamic Conversations: Listening to hidden voices: creating meaningful and sustainable partnerships between marginalised groups and their universities.

Helen Collins, Senior Lecturer, Human Resource Management; Patricia Jolliffe, Senior Lecturer, Human Resource Management; Ruby Smith, Romany-Gypsy, final year journalism; Alexandra…

Dynamic Conversations: Stepping back to get forward: Enhancing student & staff partnerships for higher level degree learners

Dr Marc Duffy, Helen McKenna and Paul Mellon, Ulster University Business School, Business Engagement Unit, Belfast. Our role as educators has been to teach. We provide our…

Business schools in the generative AI era: the six keys to success

The rapid evolution of generative AI technologies has fuelled competitive races in many sectors. However, many organisations are struggling to harness their value, leaving them…

Are academics GAI-ready?

Almost a year ago, Dr Toral and Dr Chapain launched the Birmingham Business School (BBS) journey at the University of Birmingham (UoB) focused on developing the pedagogical…

Translating our employability service

Dr Claudia Bordogna and Chris Harwood both work at NTU in Nottingham Business School as part of the Personalisation and Experiential Learning team. They recently travelled to the…

“I’m an international student… get me out of here!” Cultivating a positive learning experience through additional study support and inclusive curriculum design.

The number of international students (individuals who are globally mobile and cross borders specifically for education worldwide) is increasing. Particularly in the UK, the number…

Beyond the buzz: Unmasking the realities of AI adoption for teaching staff in higher education

The rapid and transformative innovation brought about by Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping our world, impacting how we learn, communicate, and work. Brad Smith, Vice Chair…

How do we enable the employability of university graduates?

In the higher education press, over recent months and years, there has been a lot of comment about employability. Some of this has been prompted by the measurement of universities,…

You won’t be able to rely on a calculator every day!

In the late 80’s, as a young and enthusiastic student, I vividly recall moaning to my mathematics teacher about why I couldn't use a calculator to complete my exam. The teacher's…

Three top tips for teaching with breakout rooms

The use of breakout rooms in online learning has followed the trajectory of a rollercoaster ride over the last few years.  During the pandemic their use rose steeply, with many…

Has ChatGPT signalled the end of assessment as we know it?

You have heard about ChatGPT. Of course you have. Since its launch in November 2022 by the San Francisco-based Open AI, the state-of-the-art chatbot has captured the public’s…

Are the UK’s new Investment Zones an opportunity for business schools?

Like many other sectors of the economy, our universities are operating in a challenging landscape, yet continue to provide research and education at a scale and quality comparable…

Generative AI in business schools: Embrace or avoid?

ChatGPT is an application of the latest version of GPT-3 (Generative Pretrained Transformer 3), a state-of-the-art large language processing model. Unlike traditional chatbots, the…

Buildings, community, and building communities

This week I attended the Professional Managers Annual Conference (PMAC 2023) held by the Chartered Association of Business Schools. It was a gathering of senior professional…

DEI for Business and Management – Call for book contributors

Call for contributors to new book: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion for Business and Management Editors: Professor Sally Everett and Ian Hill Publishers: SAGE…

Strategies for developing academic identity

“Listen to Jacqueline", was what I told my LinkedIn followers, who might be considering making the transition from business practice to academia. Unfortunately, Jacqueline’s…

Developing new digital employability skills through online collaboration

Training and supporting university students, and in particular, business school students to become global ready graduates has long been regarded an integral part of the curriculum.…

Why don’t they come?

When I was at university, for four years including my Master’s, I wasn’t a particularly good student. I tended to leave everything until the last moment and didn’t always…

It takes two: Co-leadership in British higher education

Lennon and McCartney, Victoria and Albert, Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett… sometimes the best things come in twos. Take one person away from the duo and somehow both are…

Dare to evolve: Reassessing assessments in business schools

As business school educators, we have a great opportunity to help students  obtain their most desirable post-study career move, and enhance the careers of those already in…

Using pedagogical research to help develop academic identity

All business schools employ individuals who have made the move from practitioner, to academic. Very often these individuals have attained seniority in their professional lives, and…

Auditing the Auditors: An evaluation of the REF2021 output results for UoS 16

The UK has recently concluded the Research Excellence Framework (REF2021) exercise, involving 157 universities, 76,132 academic staff and 185,594 research outputs. The nationally…

Dynamic Conversations: Peering into the future of business education

Davenport and Patil (2012) writing in the Harvard Business described data science as the “Sexiest Job of the 21st Century”. For many business schools these types of comments…

Dynamic Conversations: Embedding data literacy throughout the undergraduate business curriculum

Dr Liz Cunningham of Newcastle Business School concentrates on the problem of the curriculum gap between Level 4 and Level 6 undergraduate degrees. Business undergraduates struggle…

Dynamic Conversations: Business analytics in management education through professional development modules

In this written piece, Dr Anabela Soares of Bristol Business School considers the necessity of ingraining business analytics across Business & Management programmes, to prepare…

Dynamic Conversations: Data savviness for business school students

Businesses are now inundated with data, both that which they have accumulated themselves, and that which is available from a variety of external sources.The proliferation of these…

Maintaining the balance between student mobility and sustainability

Internationalisation of the student experience – both for students originating from ‘home’ as well as those coming from ‘overseas’ – has been, and will continue to be,…

How enterprise educators can benefit from changes to Advance HE’s Professional Standards Framework

Updating a longstanding framework is never an easy task, however, I have found the UK Professional Standards Framework (PSF) to be both very helpful and easy to follow. Whilst…

Don’t be a sage, get off the stage: the evolving role of the business educator

Contemporary business school education which makes an impact on society needs to be engaging, and it must have a purpose. That purpose cannot centre solely on the interests and…

8 steps to improve teaching experience of international university students

Being a post-graduate lecturer at the University of Chester Business School, I come across a lot of international postgraduate students. Teaching international students fascinates…

Using social media and technology to improve the student experience

Covid-19 saw a rapid pivot to online learning & teaching. Here, seven business school educators explore how they've continued to embed social media and technology into their…

Learning & teaching in a post-pandemic landscape

In the wake of the pandemic, many educators have noticed a marked difference in their teaching methods. Watch our experts discuss the changes they've made to their own practices as…

Interdisciplinary degrees: should business schools invest?

Graduate Employability Outcomes (GEO) is quickly becoming one of the key applicant decision factors when selecting their programmes and which university to attend. While…

Reflecting on international student mobility in a post-pandemic world

In the second of a series from our International Committee exploring issues around student mobility, Professor Agnes Nairn and Dr Craig Robinson consider how Covid-19 has affected…

Student disengagement with the physical campus

Anecdotal evidence suggests that Covid-19 has brought a lasting and unforeseen consequence for learning practices – the persistent absence of students from campus. Digital…

In the pursuit of an effective clearing campaign

What makes an effective clearing campaign? To answer this, we analysed 70 online-based clearing campaigns from 2020 and 2021 clearing periods, and interviewed students who had…

Relevance and responsibility: embedding the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals within enterprising business schools

A number of present examples, domestically and around the world, have highlighted the vulnerabilities of society, industry, and subsequently the economy of nations. Slowly coming…

Unleash your inner geek: using maths to prepare graduates for a data driven future

The need for quantitative and analytical skills in the modern business environment is growing as companies attempt to leverage data, analytics and AI to improve everything, from…

Research impact and the role of social justice in REF 2022 results

Following the recent REF, success in research impact is now being highlighted by many universities’ websites, with the subject seemingly set to grow in importance. Professor…

Creating inclusive business schools

Issues around inclusivity are imperative for business schools. Watch our experts discuss what they are doing in their institutions to advance inclusivity through their teaching…

How business educators are contributing to climate action

Tackling climate change has never been more important. Here, seven business school educators explore what they are doing to contribute to sustainability through their teaching, and…

Why a post-Covid, ‘one size fits all’ approach to personal tutoring risks repeating familiar mistakes

As the Covid-19 pandemic recedes, there is little doubt that the landscape of UK tertiary education has been significantly altered. To ensure that their graduates have the skills…

The changing face of international student mobility

This post is the first in a series by members of the International Committee of Chartered ABS exploring the current debate around sustainability and international travel. We…

Does business research in the UK need levelling up?

The relationship between business schools and their parent universities has always been characterised by a certain amount of tension over budgets, ideology and intellectual…

Be careful what you wish for? Impacting REF 2021 and beyond

In 2014, around the same time that the results of REF2014 were announced, David Knights and Caroline Clarke published in Organization Studies a paper exploring the ‘bittersweet…

The role of online learning in a post-pandemic business school

The acceleration of digital adoption in teaching and learning, during the pandemic, meant that often long-term strategic plans were abandoned. Now that a ‘new normal’ has…

Dynamic Conversations: Creativity and employability in the era of the ‘squiggly’ career

From our second edition of Dynamic Conversations: Creativity and Employability, Nicola Urquhart of Kent Business School discusses the benefits to students of adopting a creative…

Dynamic Conversations: Creativity and employability for Economists: a relationship in need of shaping?

From our second edition of Dynamic Conversations: Creativity and Employability, Dr Ian Smith of Bristol Business School considers the 'dark' side of creativity, and the various…

Dynamic Conversations: Using unfamiliar learning activities to encourage creativity

From our second edition of Dynamic Conversations: Creativity and Employability, Katherine Leopold CMBE and Dr Dawn Reilly CMBE of University of Greenwich Business School explore…

The challenges of making all welcome: three keys to organising inclusive business school events

What sort of experience do you have when you attend an event such as a committee meeting, seminar, or conference at your business school or externally? Sometimes one’s experience…

Academic Journal Guide 2024: a new evolution

The launch of the 2021 Academic Journal Guide marked the seventh iteration of the Guide, since its original development in 2007. Over that period the Guide has evolved…

The good, the nice and the ugly of the new IFATE Degree Apprenticeships policy

IFATE has recently published some new policy guidance, which sets, or possibly confirms, a brighter future and a clearer brand for Degree Apprenticeships in England. This follows a…

Injecting more fun into learning: the gamification of teaching methods

Many years ago, when I first implemented the use of flipped lectures (pre-recorded lectures available a week in advance of lessons to free up time in the classroom for more active…

Student voice: a powerful informer of business education transformation

The University of Edinburgh Business School was recently invited to contribute to a publication which examines how student feedback – including feedback derived through…

Preparing post-Covid graduates for remote and hybrid work

Beyond the technical content taught in business schools, our learning environment can also directly impact the sorts of capabilities that are developed over time (Akrivou and…

The Augar Review: business as usual for business schools?

When the Augar Review of post-18 education was ordered in February 2018, the world was a strikingly different place. Prime Minister Theresa May was concerned about the politics and…

Graduate outcomes and a spatial approach to decent work

Graduate outcomes are now a staple ingredient to measuring the performance of higher education in many countries globally (see the latest CABS analysis here). It can be entrenched…

The benefits of continuing professional development for business school academics

Reviewing, assessing, and promoting the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of fellow academics, is a productive and important responsibility of business school management…

‘Reinvention’ with international intent and a new learning model

At the start of this academic year, Teesside University Business School rebranded as Teesside University International Business School. There was no big announcement and no…

Herding cats and taming wolves? Lessons from 15 years of business school research leadership

Managing academics is commonly likened to ‘herding cats’ and self-motivated researchers are often described as ‘lone wolves’. At risk of stretching the analogy too far,…

Going Up: how business schools can support the government’s ‘Levelling Up’ agenda

Business schools already educate one in seven of all UK university students and are engaged with private, public and third sector organisations in research, skills development,…

Adapting co-creation to improve inclusion

In business schools, collaboration and co-creation in teaching, research and enterprise activity are now central to the vision for how business and management knowledge creates…

From passivity to partnership: how the student-university relationship has evolved in the era of the National Student Survey

For most, January is a time for confirmation of resolutions, establishing a new health regime or a time to recover from the excesses of the festive period, but for those working in…

Real life learning and assessment – creating an authentic experience

When I was in sixth form, many, many years ago I participated in the Young Enterprise scheme. We worked with a local business who produced manufactured steel tubes, the upshot of…

The two routes to higher business school rankings

The Financial Times (FT) Master's in Management annual league table is a useful and widely consulted benchmark for leading, accredited business schools when assessing improvements…

Making the most of the moment: Gender equality in business and management schools

Women remain under-represented in all disciplines and levels of academia, especially at the professorial level, in senior leadership roles, including deans, university…

All Welcome: A guide to inclusive, accessible and sustainable events

ALL WELCOME A guide to inclusive, accessible and sustainable events BAM and the Chartered ABS are committed to promoting equality, diversity,…

Dynamic Conversations: Virtual reality in Management teaching

From our first edition of Dynamic Conversations: Learning Communities, Dr Madeleine Stevens CMBE of Liverpool Business School explores how virtual reality can be used in Management…

Dynamic Conversations: Inclusive engaging learning communities

From our first edition of Dynamic Conversations: Learning Communities, Clive Holtham and Martin Rich of Bayes Business School discuss how to build inclusive, engaging learning…

Dynamic Conversations: Do parasocial relationships in online learning communities reinforce or reduce power imbalances between staff and students?

From our first edition of Dynamic Conversations: Learning Communities, Neil Sutherland CMBE and Rachel Williams of Bristol Business School, University of the West of England,…

How do you communicate with students?

How do you communicate with students? Probably via email, I mean, they should get used to using email, right? It’s still the main form of communication used in business. But how…

UK business schools and university-business engagement: opportunities to support a national innovation strategy

There are significant opportunities to build on the large range of research collaborations and knowledge exchange partnerships between business schools and businesses in the UK.…

“Watercooler moments” in virtual space: using online platforms to enhance the student experience

At the time of writing, we have transitioned through almost two full academic years under Covid-19 conditions. The impact this has had across society is well documented, as are the…

Decolonising the curriculum: addressing the miseducation of business and management

A few weeks ago it was my honour to chair the CABS workshop, ‘Decolonising the curriculum: A toolkit for business & management educators’. Responding to requests from our…

A mission for Public Good: the new University of York academic school

With the launch of our new academic school, formed of the University of York’s Management School and Department of Social Policy and Social Work, on the horizon, we wanted to…

Is your university staff profile ‘turning off’ PhD students?

I am sure many of you can relate to once trawling through university staff profiles searching for a PhD supervisor; a sibling in arms that will guide and support you through the…

Is the REF worth the trouble for “non-leading” universities?

As professors at Middlesex University Business School, we have long researched the Research Excellence Framework (REF). In a recent paper*, we asked, is there a relationship…

How do we create opportunity and support for academics on education focused pathways in business schools?

Developing a common understanding of the scholarship of teaching and learning is increasingly important across the UK HE sector. Education focused roles continue to increase with…

Virtual exchanges are challenging the traditional paradigms of student mobility

Long before Covid-19 necessitated universities to adapt their education models and go online, Virtual Exchange (VE) existed. Through the pandemic, familiarity with relevant…

How to influence others and make your voice heard

Leadership is often focused on influencing followers; however we all have the ability to influence those who have as much or more power than we do. Based on over a decade of…

The evolution of the Academic Journal Guide: A personal perspective

Formative experiences matter. They remain with you. They shape your thinking. When, in 2010, I became Chair of what was then the Association of Business Schools, the dominant…

The REF: is there another way?

In March, staff in Chartered ABS member schools pressed the big red “submit” button for the Research Excellence Framework (REF). This national census allocates billions of…

The growing importance of developing teaching faculty

The journey we have all taken over recent years in the area of learning and teaching, has been extraordinary. None of us could ever have imagined just how much we would all learn…

The compelling case for embedding employability in the curriculum

The graduate skills gap, fast evolving global job market, labour market inequalities, political pressures and students’ priorities make a compelling case for embedding…

Value for Money or a Transformative Experience: What do students actually value about university?

Back in 2019, the Office for Students (OfS) launched their Value for Money Strategy 2019 - 2021. This shifted the focus even further towards protecting student’s consumer rights,…

The interactive Professional Development Matrix for Professional Managers

The Matrix Reloaded Business schools are at the heart of their institutions' post-Covid recovery plans. More than ever we need to ensure that our research, education and outreach…

Experiential learning and the perils of “new normals”

Three years ago, writing on these pages, I suggested that one of the greatest challenges facing academia in the near future would be to harness the power of the information age…

Strengthening a footprint in Europe in the post-Brexit era

International partnerships are increasingly important for business schools. - they improve institutional performance, create opportunities, extend reach, and enhance the experience…

The relevance and challenges of using journal guides to evaluate the quality of journals and papers

Wouldn’t it be great to have a clear single decisive list to determine and define what quality should be assigned or attributed to each specific academic journal? Simply, the…

After Covid-19 job losses, lifelong learning is vital

To help the nation recover from job losses caused by Covid-19, the Prime Minister has renewed his commitment to lifelong learning. The recently announced Lifetime Skills Guarantee…

Creative leadership coaching within creative MBA provision

The Executive MBA (Fashion) within the Fashion Business School, London College of Fashion, launched in 2013, was designed for global management and entrepreneurial professionals…

The Business School of the Future

The business of business schools is changing. As society questions nationalism, colonialism, climate change, democracy and the devastating and unequal consequences of a global…

The Direction of UK Higher Education Policy in Uncertain Times, Chartered ABS Annual Conference 2020

Following the drastic changes in the higher education landscape as a result of COVID-19, Dr Roberta Blackman-Woods, Professor Debra Humphris, Rt Hon Lord David Willets and…

“I want to break free”: How online breakout rooms have become a modern educational curse

You get in the car, start the engine, press down on the clutch and engage reverse gear. The routine is well established, deeply engrained in your brain and requires only a bare…

Decolonisation and the Digital Chatham House Rule in Online Business Education: Can we resolve the paradox?

Decolonisation is about balancing power structure and recognising multiple voices.  Recently, decolonising the curriculum particularly in business schools became a…

How to use PR to support student recruitment

Toby Roe argues that influencing student choice needs a targeted approach In November, a Chartered ABS survey of UK business school Deans revealed that 40 per cent expected their…

Internationalisation and inclusion in the age of COVID: You are our ‘VIP’

Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed all of our lives in ways that none of us could have imagined. The impacts of the pandemic on the various aspects of our personal and…

Experience doesn’t always help: online teaching during the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen the pivot to online learning for many business schools. Teaching staff have had to adapt almost instantaneously, a challenging undertaking under…

How faculty responded to COVID-19: results from a global survey

The impact of COVID-19 on universities, faculty, students, and administrators was rapid, unplanned, and extreme. In March, within the space of 1-2 weeks, or in the space of just…

A Resilience Model for Higher Education

In this blog Monomita Nandy explores how Higher Education Institutes can start rebuilding after COVID-19.  “An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries…

Seven steps towards Transforming Women’s Leadership in our Business Schools

Sally Everett explores equality in female business school leadership

We’re all in IT together

Keith Pond describes the creation of a Virtual Community of Practice in his school.

‘The Future of Teaching’ – Main Stage Session from the Online Festival of Learning, Teaching & Student Experience 2020

 'The Future of Teaching' explores the impact on educators and students of online teaching and the future direction of teaching in higher education. Particular attention is paid…

‘Supporting Disadvantaged Students and Tackling Race Inequality’ – Main Stage Session from the Online Festival of Learning, Teaching & Student Experience 2020

 'Supporting Disadvantaged Students and Tackling Race Inequality' explores the challenges of delivering meaningful Equality, Diversity and Inclusion practices to a wide spectrum…

The Changing Nature of Business & Management Education – Main Stage Session from the Online Festival of Learning, Teaching & Student Experience 2020

 'The Changing Nature of Business & Management Education' explores how business & management education across the globe is adapting to the new normal and how business…

Supporting transition to online study

Pearson share their latest advice for business schools looking to develop their online teaching.

Helping Businesses Bounce Back – A Case Study from Ulster University Business School

A challenging business and economic landscape has brought a great deal of uncertainty to businesses across Northern Ireland. The past six months have been all about adjustment,…

Mind the Gap: Addressing Award and Progression Gaps in Business Schools

How can HEIs build a better institutional understanding of the needs of disadvantaged students?

Personal tutoring, inclusion, and the return to campus

How can we apply the vital role of personal tutoring to online spaces?

‘Jazzing up’ management education through the art of improvisation

Professor Noel Dennis shares the five lessons management educators can learn.

Forgetting the other: diversity and life in lockdown

Professor Edgar Meyer discusses the EDI aspects of the impacts of remote working.

Head of University of Bristol School of Management responds to the tragic death of George Floyd

Professor Palie Smart reflects on the implications of recent anti-racist activism for business school leaders.

The Power of Coaching in a Time of Crisis

How could coaching support your staff and students through radical change?

Internationalisation Post-COVID: what the new “International” might look like

Business schools will need to collaborate more closely to thrive in the "new international".

The Impact of COVID-19 on the working lives of business, management and economics academics

Research by Henley Business School highlights the pandemics impact on academics' research and teaching.

Chinese graduates: the employability disconnect

As more and more Chinese students study internationally, business schools must look at how they enable graduates to obtain jobs in China. A decade or two ago, foreign graduates…

The Double-Edged Sword of COVID-19 and the New World of Work in Academic Institutions

Is Covid-19 leading academic institutions into a new world of work? Will this global lockdown cause significant long-term disruptions to students’ learning and teaching and…

How the global simulation modelling community can help reduce the impact of COVID-19

A recent research paper has initiated a call to arms for the modelling and simulation community to deal with COVID-19. The paper, developed by an inter-disciplinary team of…

How business schools can pitch stories to journalists during COVID-19

With an abundance of COVID-19 content hitting the presses, how can business schools stand out?

Emergency service workers are already at high risk of burnout – COVID-19 will make this worse

As the COVID-19 pandemic moves from weeks to months, the emergency services are coming under even more strain and pressure – whether they are operating in the police, fire…

Athena SWAN Review summary

We respond to the long-awaited outcome of the Athena SWAN review.

What the Post-COVID-19 world could look like for business schools

Professor Zahir Irani assesses the best and worst case outcomes for business schools after COVID-19.

Leadership Intelligence: How to Manage in Unchartered Territory

Our Chair shares his advice for demonstrating effective leadership in a crisis.

Moving to deliver your course online: practical tips

In light of recent global events due to COVID-19, you are likely to be moving to online delivery methods in the coming weeks and you may not know for how long. In this blog, we…

Intellectuals of the World, Please Unite

Professor Johan Roos calls for business academics to collaborate to combat the impact of COVID-19

COVID-19 is a challenge for business schools, but we can support each other through it

Challenges lie ahead, but business schools are already adapting to the new situation under COVID19.

Business Schools, Knowledge Management and COVID-19 – an early perspective

Stephen Ellis and Jakob Werdelin discuss how COVID-19 is shaking up business schools' strategic planning.

The value of play in business and management education

Throughout my career in higher education I have been fascinated by the inventive, creative, playful ways in which teachers seek to engage students. My explorations have led to a…

“Ready or not, here they come”: a case study on preparing Gen Z graduates for the workplace

Newcastle Business School share how they have adapted to the development needs of Gen Z students.

Freehand drawing activities in the classroom: opportunities and challenges

How can freehand drawing encourage visual literacy skills in business students?

Using assessed learning logs as a feedback tool

Providing effective feedback to students is an important and challenging aspect of the teaching and learning process, especially when dealing with a large cohort. One programme…

Salaries for business school staff

We analyse HESA 2018-19 data on business school staff salaries by ethnicity and gender.

Developing a business school international strategy

In business schools there are always new roles and responsibilities for staff, and one of the key areas is that of the internationalisation agenda. Whether staff are experienced or…

Reach, relevance, and impact: how business and management research is helping society

Scientific research is high on the agenda of the new Government. Rumours abound of a planned shake-up of research funding, the possible introduction of a new funding body, and even…

We need to talk about Apprenticeships

There has been a lot of talk about apprenticeships and what has gone wrong with them. Inherent in many of these arguments are misunderstandings, misinterpretations and myths. What…

International expertise: The value of international business graduates to the UK

Newcastle University Business School share how their students have been adding value to local businesses.

Gearing up towards 2020 – report of the October meeting of the Professional Managers’ Committee

The Professional Managers’ Committee met on 4 October, our first meeting of the new academic year. On this occasion we were very pleased to welcome four new members to the…

How can Business Schools best support the ‘outsider student’ in their transition to Higher Education?

Academics could help vulnerable students by focusing on valuable relationship-building.

Making group projects work for both the students and the lecturer

Dr Adam Frost details the benefits and limitations he's found in using online tools to facilitate student group work.

Creating space for resistance in critical and creative thinking

Encouraging students to become reflective practitioners is difficult. Should we be providing space for them to voice their frustrations about the feedback process?

Developing students’ intercultural competencies through ‘Internationalisation at Home’ pedagogic practices

Having a mixed cohort isn't enough to bring out the benefits of intercultural competencies in students. Developing these skills requires a direct and coordinated approach from…

Workplace lessons for assessing group work

Is the way business educators think about groupwork assessment still fit for purpose?

Improving the feedback experience: Usefulness through verbalisation

Students are expressing dissatisfaction with feedback in higher education (Boud & Molloy, 2013). This can be seen in the results of the U.K. National Student Survey (NSS) in…

Getting Personal – grading self-reflection

Track the student reflection journey to engagement in meaningful, specific, and personal feedback.

How to create ‘happy’ international students

How can we make sure our degree programmes bring out the full potential of our international students?

Unlocking the padlock – using an Escape Room to teach Business students

Dr Emma Thirkell a novel yet impactful initiative to merge study of HR and hands-on assessment.

Developing graduates to be work ready and resilient future leaders – a case study

How can the character, skills, and knowledge needed to make graduates "work-ready" be incorporated into your curriculum?

Push Me, Pull You: Personalising the Learning Experience in Higher Education

A case study in putting students' individual needs at the heart of the learning process.

The spiral of the feedback loop

For the last three years we have adopted a new feedback practice to one of the two summative assessments of a level 5 core module of the BSc Economics programme at our institution.…

Rubrics as a guide to student writing and staff grading

How can stress be taken out of assessment without compromising academic standards?

Get Your Thinking Caps On: Using Edward De Bono’s 6 Thinking Hats in Formative Peer Assessment & Feedback

Find out more about this creative, colour-coded pedagogical technique, first presented at LTSE 2019.

Digital exams in business school education: Experiences from Kozminski University, Poland

Find out how a European business school changed their exam delivery through a digital partnership

Opportunities on the horizon: Report from the June meeting of the Professional Managers’ Committee

Updates on PMAC 2020, opportunities for Professional Services colleagues, and more.

What Makes a Duck a Duck? A playful Introduction to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

One of our teams of 2018 Chartered ABS Scholars shares an update on their insightful - and playful - work to promote EDI.

Five questions to ask about online learning

Technology is increasingly common in business school learning and teaching, but how can you ensure you're realising it's full potential?

Addressing the attainment gap: business schools can lead the way by providing an inclusive approach to the student experience

Dr Liz Warren and Dr Dawn Reilly share a cutting-edge method for addressing the attainment gap.

Inaugural Leiden Ranking: Gender Differences in Publication Outputs – Should Business business schools have their own Ranking?

Using a formal ranking system could help business schools identify gender gaps in academic publication.

Identifying capability gaps in business school professional services

At Cardiff University we have a framework called the Cardiff Professional. This framework details competences and behaviours for all professional services staff at Cardiff…

Tackling inequality for BAME students and staff in business schools

Professor Sally Everett presents the powerful calls to action from our latest Diversity Workshop

Writing cases – what’s involved?

The Case Centre provides some helpful advice for writing engaging business cases for the classroom.

Bold steps: report from the February meeting of the Professional Managers’ Committee

Bold steps: report from the February meeting of the Professional Managers’ Committee The Committee met on Friday 8th February, the perfect time…

The critical relationship – business school deans, professional managers, and the wider university

Our guidance on articulating your role as professional manager to suit your business school context.

New faces and big plans – Report from the October meeting of the Professional Managers Committee

New faces and big plans - Report from the October meeting of the Professional Managers Committee The Professional Managers Committee met on 12th…

Business schools: less stereotyping and more collaboration in the interests of the nation

Business schools need to raise awareness about what they do, how they add value and how they could do more to help deal with the UK’s current challenges.

Wither research integrity? Framing the issues

Wither research integrity? Framing the issues Professor Denis Fischbacher-Smith, University of Glasgow Most academic visitors to the Chartered ABS…

Learning and “leanness” in the information age

Learning and “leanness” in the information age I delivered my first lecture in 1979. Aged 27, I was beset with a mixture of genuine passion for the topic and unbridled dread…

Developing students’ soft skills through business competitions

Developing students’ soft skills through business competitions One consequence of a ‘monetised’ higher education system is that students expect value for money and a…

LinkedIn: Maximising the relationship between business schools and their final year students

LinkedIn: Maximising the relationship between business schools and their final year students In an environment where prospective students’ decisions about their education are…

Greening accounting and finance curricula

All these challenges represent great pressure to encourage us to think about the process of greening accounting and finance curricula.

How the MBA can be saved by small firms and apprenticeships

Professor Zahir Irani, Executive Dean, University of Bradford explains how a reinvented form of the MBA may well hold the key to its survival.

Putting theory into practice – report from the April meeting of the Professional Managers’ Committee

The Professional Managers' Committee met on April 20th, our second meeting of the year. We can say with confidence and pride that our key projects are gaining momentum and we look…

Equality. Diversity. Invisibility? Diversity in the Business School Curriculum

If we looked for visible signs of commitment to diversity in the content of business and management school degrees on your website, would it be easily found?

Aligning professional service staffs’ performance and training with strategic goals: a case study on using the Chartered ABS professional development matrix

In practice, for many in professional service roles there are few ways to demonstrate clear linkages between goals for the year. This case study provides a solution.

Driving organisational change and impact: case study on using the Chartered ABS professional development matrix

The professional management matrix has helped to drive a cultural and efficiency change across our faculty of business.

THE Awards’ Business School of the Year – Saïd Business School

A case study on why Saïd Business School won Business School of the Year at the THE Awards

Confessions of a judge for the Times Higher Education awards

Are you thinking of applying for Business School of the Year? Anne Kiem, Chartered ABS CEO, sits on the THE Awards judging panel and shares her advice.

Revisiting the One-Minute Paper in the Digital Age

Can a Digital One Minute Paper help support teaching, especially in large multi-national classes?

Supporting non-traditional students into employment

Reflecting on recent blog posts on this website it is clear that one of the fundamental roles of business schools is to ensure our graduates transition successfully into meaningful…

A positive outlook for 2018 for the Chartered ABS Professional Managers’ Committee

The first meeting of 2018 for the Professional Managers Committee let us take stock of the successes of the previous year and look to the future, with a wealth of reports to…

Innovation in Executive Education: Developing Active Citizenship – The Next Generation Awards, Birmingham Civic Society

Challenging existing notions of executive education by developing active citizenship among young people - a case study from Aston Business School

Get ahead in executive education – measure your impact

In the same week that Chartered ABS launched their report on the 'Impact of Executive Education', LinkedIn launched 39 new skills development courses.  These courses are now part…

Why business schools should be aware of how the media genders women leaders and managers

How can business schools help prevent gender stereotypes hindering the progress of the future business leaders they teach?

‘Letting go’ to embrace the flipped classroom

The flipped classroom is now synonymous in discussions and presentations concerning new ways of teaching. It struck me that the presentations we deliver focus on the practical, on…

Are business schools fit for the future?

“The future of business schools is tied up with their future legitimacy.”

The role of business schools within universities

“A refocus of research on business practice could prove to be the saviour of both business schools and their parent universities.”

Championing diversity in the workplace starts at (business) school

“business schools have a role to play as brokers across the many divides that separate people today”

E-learning for Teaching Accountancy: Turning theory into practice

Just over a year ago I wrote a similar thought piece stating that it was imperative universities ensure undergraduate and post graduate accountancy students have strong IT skills…

Regional growth, productivity and the role of the business school

How can business schools boost regional economic productivity?

What do leaders need to operate in a world of disruption?

A personal perspective on what business schools can do to prepare future leaders

Rethinking and Re-evaluating the Purpose of the Business School

"To produce responsible, authentic leaders, business schools need to develop more holistic management education models"

Becoming anchor institutions: embedding business schools in regional economies

How can business schools have a greater impact on regional economies through research and better engagement?

Gendered language and the recruitment process – a lesson for business schools

Women’s underrepresentation in leadership positions is a widespread phenomenon and attributed to a number of factors. Business schools are no exception to this challenge and are…

The Role of Graduate Employability in Economic Productivity in the UK

Homogenisation vs. Innovation in employability A range of graduate employability interventions exist across the UK Higher Education (HE) sector, involving experiential learning,…

How learning technology can help you support and steer your students

Advances in technology have wrought many changes to education - and especially higher education - over the past two decades, with the internet blasting access to information far…

Policy Update: an eventful summer sets the tone for the year ahead

It has been an eventful summer in terms of HE policy, as well as the sometimes very personal attacks launched by Lord Adonis. It is difficult to choose which will have the most…

The Specialist Generalist

Dr Andrew Glanfield explores the concept of the Specilaist Generalist which is gaining traction amongst college and central professional services audiences at Cardiff Business…

Reading? It’s still critical

Pearson is conducting research with Swansea University and University of Sheffield to understand the impact of providing core learning content in new ways, motivating and engaging…

Learning to play the game: delivering a Live Project to 800 First Year Business students

Find out more about Live Projects at the University of Bedfordshire Business School and how getting students involved in such campaigns has been a huge success. It has also been a…

Reflections on ‘the incredible machine – what next for TEF’, a WonkHE conference

Martin Pearson, Research Manager at Chartered ABS reports on the recent Wonkhe conference on the TEF, focusing on the Longitudinal Education Outcomes (LEO) data presented by WonkHE…

What LEO tells us about our business school graduates

Employability of business undergraduates is above the average for university graduates and a business degree comes with a higher than average earning potential for a graduate…

How we can open more doors for all students?

Professor Irani argues that business schools have an essential role to play in helping employers get to a stage where diversity is no longer such a thorny problem, tainted by…

How can business schools create sustainable competitive advantage?

Mark CusIter provides some key themes as a reminder on how business schools can thrive in the increasingly complex, turbulent and competitive environment that they operate.

Interdisciplinary funding breakthrough for the York Management School: IKnowFood

Bob Doherty explains how the IKnowFood project takes an interdisciplinary multi-stakeholder approach to develop a unifying understanding of ‘food system resilience’ through the…

What makes an award winning business school?

Read about previous winners of the Times Higher Education Business School of the Year award which recognises outstanding overall performance in business schools both within…

Master or apprentice?

Businesses paying the new Apprenticeships Levy can see that the best way to take advantage is by getting more experienced managers to take on apprenticeships themselves,…

The changing nature of work

How can academics prepare students for a different world of work, with different career journeys? Jane Partridge argues that an active blended learning approach is required.

Are you engaged with your alumni?

How business schools can engage with alumni to get the best value from that engagement for both school and alumnus.

Valuing Professional Services Staff

Professor Julian Gould-Williams explores the four ways in which managers can reinforce a sense of value and appreciation amongst professional services staff.

Doors are for people with no imagination!

What can we do to foster employability and to develop the creative skills that are currently in decline and how can we assess students in ways that test this?

Are business lecturers now part of the ‘edutainment’ business?

According to Professor Irani, in terms of day-to-day practice the pull towards vocational education means the pressure is on for academics to be more like facilitators rather than…

The Future You: Preparing final year students to transition to employment

Find out how Bedfordshire Business School's innovative unit entitled ‘The Future You’ helps students become effective practitioners in the workplace.

The application of flipped instructional model and team-based learning in Asian classrooms

Do the flipped instructional model and team-based learning (TBL) approaches make sense in the Asian classroom setting? Are there cultural factors that need to be addressed for its…

Cross-year student-led teams: Playful team formation

Dr Alexander Kofinas explores the benefits of cross-year business projects on student learning and experience.

Brexit from the view of EU business school students

Students from the Netherlands recently visited Alliance Manchester Business School - what do they think about the UK's decision to leave the EU?

What are the opportunities for business schools in the Brexit negotiations?

In the light of Brexit, business schools can contribute much in terms of perspectives on new markets, on new relationships with existing trading blocs and on the relationship…

The Industrial Strategy: the opportunities for business schools and universities beyond STEM

University leaders should be reading between the lines to realise the wider potential of the Strategy

Tackling Business Entrepreneurship – From a business student to a modern day entrepreneur

Kate Pascoe on the changes in the approach to teaching Business Entrepreneurship as students become more engaged in the entrepreneurial process.

The impact of Brexit on recruiting business students

Aaron Porter provides fresh analysis of student recruitment data and the emerging markets.

The role of alternative providers in Higher Education

Hema Tank explains why LIBF are living proof that alternative providers can offer high quality education and a valuable student experience.

Our students need to understand that haste can make waste

Martin Binks argues that business schools have a duty to train would-be leaders not to act in haste – to appreciate that, though it can be useful and is frequently hailed as a…

‘Teaching’ Leadership

Hugh Davenport on the crucial distinction between leadership and management.

How to get the best out of your advisory board

Professor George Yip on all you need to know about advisory boards and how to really make the most of them.

How alumni can help create a new world of business engagement

Professor Zahir Irani explains why he thinks alumni and lifelong learning should be the crux of this new world and why it’s time to recognise the long-term value of alumni and…

Careers is the soul of every business school

Should Careers teams be encouraged to make the shift from being ‘remedial’ advice providers to leaders in people development and career change? After all, isn’t this the nub…

Identifying and Recognising the Contributions of Professional Services Staff

The contribution of professional services staff to student performance outcomes is often underestimated. Professor Julian Gould-Williams explores how to address this.

Use an “action strategy” to transform a business school

Professor George Yip, talking from personal experience, shares his insights on strategy for change which emphasises action and political support rather than seeking consensus.

Modern-day leadership demands creativity

Professor Martin Binks explores the rapidly changing face of leadership and explains why teaching it is not just about getting people through their exams.

The University of Utopia, Ltd.

Mark Gatenby on why 'disciplinarity' has reached its limit and how to encourage a culture of 'post-disciplinarity' in business schools and universities instead.

More than a product: Executive Education as a catalyst

Sarah Lethbridge takes a closer look at the contribution that executive education brings in supporting the three key functions of business schools: Research, Teaching and…

The Brexit judgement of the High Court

Professor Matthew Humphreys shares his thoughts on the recent Brexit rulings in the High Court.

A short-term route to long-term failure

Professor Martin Binks on how business schools should adapt their, often, short-term approach in order to improve "learning velocity" and the student experience as well equip…

Beyond the classroom walls: The role of online learning

“Will online learning replace the role of good faculty?” and “Isn’t online learning poor quality by its nature because it replaces a highly interactive classroom experience…

Hubs: Creating student centric services at Cardiff

Find out about the student-centric approach at Cardiff that led to the creation of 'hubs' to provide timely and effective support.

Could the Apprenticeship levy impact HE routes into management and the professions?

Mark Dawe, Chief Executive of AELP looks at the growing importance of degree apprenticeships

Reflections on Lord Stern’s review of the REF

Adam Golberg, Research Manager, provides his key insights into Lord Stern's review of the REF.

E-learning for teaching Accountancy – universities need to embrace or face being obsolete!

Paul Caulfield on the importance of computer literacy and the integration of relevant software in accountancy courses.

Leading the Way in Personalisation and Experiential Learning

Dean of Nottingham Business School on student personalisation.

What makes a business school stand out from the crowd?

Can business schools truly be distinctive?

Designing online courses: what do learners value?

A review of learners' preferences and expectations of online courses.

In favour of a gamified, narrative-based assessment regime 

Dr. Alexander Kofinas explores how educational gamification and the narrative approach to assessment, results in a successful learning experience.

The proposed TEF: Destinations as a measure of teaching quality?

Harriet Richmond looks at the appropriateness of key metrics that will underpin the assessment of teaching quality under the proposed TEF.

Degree apprenticeships within universities and the role of business schools

What intellectual role can business schools play in making degree apprenticeships work for students, employers and the country?

Internationalisation strategies: The case for staff mobility and the strategic entrepreneur

Dr Alison Pearce on the rise of the strategic entrepreneur.

Business school leaders must do more to support sustainability champions

Research findings have shown that business school leaders could do more to support their staff to fully integrate sustainability into the curriculum and culture of their…

Opportunities for UK business schools in India

With India set to become the 7th largest economy in the world, Kevin McCole, UKIBC discusses the approach that UK business schools can take to engage further with India.

Teaching Entrepreneurship “know-how” as well as “know-about”

Nigel Adams explains how Buckingham Business School encourages students to develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

Rules and Values: Expectations for a Business Ethics Course

Dr Suzy Jagger explores the impact of rules-based and values-based pedagogic approaches to business ethics.

Blended Learning: Embedding Technology in the Classroom

Dr. Michael Reynolds looks at how technology can be best used in the classroom.

Executive education in China: What is the opportunity for UK business schools?

The Chartered ABS joined UKTI on a mission to China to explore the opportunities for executive education.

A deeper personalised learning experience: blending technology and a face-to-face approach

The power that today’s technology brings is creating a new wave of possibilities and opening many avenues for improving the student experience and making it more personalised.

Style and Substance: how second language affects academic attainment

Dr. Sue Daley-Yates argues that international students can be better supported if universities offer an organised proofreading service.

Our students need “know-how” as well as “know-about”

Martin Binks reflects on the importance of experience as a focus in the business curriculum.

Business school dean on diversity drive

Diversity on campus is about ‘inclusion’ not 'numbers of people’.

Smoke, Suspense, and Scheherazade – Using Theatrical Devices to Engage the Student

Dr. Rob Baker on using theatrical devices to engage students and the impact of performance based teaching on student motivation.

Perspectives on: When leadership aligns with learning and teaching

A guest blog from Paul Gentle, the Leadership Foundation...

Innovation: it’s time to practise what we preach

Martin Binks reflects on his five-year stint as Dean of Nottingham University Business School and what business schools can do to keep up with changing times.

Reflection and updates from the Chartered ABS

Anne Kiem provides some reflections on the eve of a new Chartered ABS Conference.

The business of international marketing – using data and insights to improve student recruitment

With a backdrop of concern about immigration and Theresa May’s recent hard hitting party conference speech Jamie Laird, Head of Market Intelligence at Hobsons examines how…

Developing leadership potential in undergraduates

Business Schools have a duty to create robust and effective leadership programmes at the undergraduate level, as demonstrated by the LaunchPad programme.

Business schools as educational provocateurs of productivity via interrelated landscapes of practice

In an ever-changing and global marketplace, it could be argued that the role of business schools is no longer to train graduates for specific roles.

Deans and Directors’ Programme – Participant perspectives

Dr Spinder Dhaliwal gives details of her experience with the Deans and Directors’ Programme (3DP).

A week in the life of an Operations Manager, Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham

Ian Hamley of Birmingham Business School provides a glance into the week of an Operations Manager.

Report from the Party conferences and an update on our activities

Anne Kiem provides some insights into our sessions at the 2015 party conferences and future activities from the organisation.

What can business schools do to drive up the UK’s productivity?

Warwick Business School's Prof. Keith Glaister explores how business schools can address the UKs productivity crisis.

The Alternative Business School

Martin Parker of University of Leicester School of Management gives his perspective on an alternative style of business education.

Advisory Boards: A personal perspective

Ann Francke shares her experiences on working within advisory boards and why they are advantageous for business schools.

The Dowling Review of Business-University Research Collaborations

A Chartered ABS review of the recent report on business-university research collaborations

Activity update from the Chartered ABS

Anne provides an overview on the latest developments with the Chartered ABS.

Professional managers – the hunt for added value

Dr Andy Earwaker discusses the realities of the professional managers role within business schools.

Are Women reluctant to take on paid non-executive director roles?

Dr Spinder Dhaliwal looks into the benefits of NED roles and why women should take advantage of such positions.

The challenge to international recruitment continues

Marie Clark from Hobsons provides some insights into the latest government proposals for international students.

Reflections on the best methods to support business-to-business school collaboration through School Advisory Boards

What are the best methods to support business to business school collaboration? David Williamson provides his views.

Communicator-in-chief: the key trait for entrepreneurs building businesses

Michael Hayman MBE and Nick Giles offer a unique perspective on leadership and entrepreneurism.

Do business schools really understand what employers want from their graduates?

What do employers really want from business school graduates? Professor Zahir Irani of Brunel Business School examines current trends in this exclusive blog piece.

Throwing rocks from inside the hot house

Chris Mabey from Middlesex Business School calls on business schools to be active and conscience stakeholders in society.

Advisory Boards: Bringing Added Value to Business School-to-Business (BS2B) Collaborations

Dr Cathy Garner provides detailed insights into the best ways to utilise business school-to-business (BS2B) collaborations.

What to expect from the new government?

Anne Kiem gives her views on the new government following the 2015 general election.

Feeling the pressure: The neuroscience of learning to lead

Academics from Ashridge Business School present findings which reveal that experiential learning, mimic the stress of leadership and better prepare managers for similar situations…

Getting the business school ‘business-ready’

Dean of London Guidhall Faculty of Business & Law Stephen J. Perkins provides some key insights into transformational change within business schools.

Culture bites! And bites hard: The key importance of embracing culture in organisational change

Cultural Change writers Professor James McCalman and Dr David Potter discuss the importance of organizational culture in enhancing competitive advantage, its impact on managers and…

Is it time to move the employability debate on?

The employability of graduates has been a concern across the sector, and a subject of much debate, for a number of years. This piece looks at how work around employability can be…

Student employability and business collaboration

Mike Cherry of FSB provides some analysis on employability.

2015 General Election – Election update from James Newhall

James Newhall provides an update on general election trends.

April update from our CEO Anne Kiem

Anne Kiem, Chief Executive of the Chartered Association of Business Schools provides some insights into our latest activities within this update.

General Election 2015: Shadow Minister for Immigration David Hanson MP

As part of our lobbying for an incoming government we have put questions towards three political party spokespeople including David Hanson MP Shadow Minister for Immigration for…

General Election 2015: Conservative Minister for Security and Immigration James Brokenshire MP

As part of our lobbying for an incoming government to change current immigration legislation affecting international students, we have put questions towards James Brokenshire MP…

General Election 2015: Liberal Democrats Spokesperson for Home Affairs, Justice & Equalities Julian Huppert MP

Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Home Affairs, Justice & Equalities Julian Huppert MP talks to us about his partys' policies ahead of General Election 2015.

General Election 2015 – Analysis from James Newhall

James Newhall provides an analysis on how the election could effect business schools.

Monthly update and future plans from our CEO Anne Kiem

Our CEO provides an update on our recent events and plans for future programmes.

Update on our Royal Charter application and other news from our CEO

As we start the New Year we are looking forward to the completion of process leading to the Association of Business Schools gaining a Royal Charter and becoming the Chartered…

Who’d be a dean? Leadership in a low-authority environment

Prof. Robert MacIntosh et al provide an analysis on leadership in a low-authority environment.

Business school deans go global: A contextual approach

Prof. Kimmo Alajoutsijärvi and Dr Kerttu Kettunen provide an international perspective as part of our Leadership compilation series.

Leadership development beyond the dean’s office

Dr Patrick Cullen of AACSB International provides an international perspective on challenges facing leadership development.

Leadership in business schools and professional services firms

Professor Sandy Pepper discusses the leadership styles in business schools and professional services firms.

REF 2014: Analysis of UK Business Schools’ performance

We provide some insight and analysis following the results of REF 2014.

Business school leadership: Balancing a portfolio

Kai Peters of Ashridge shares his experience in leading a business school.

Knowing when to step down: A personal reflection

Professor Zahir Irani shares his experience of his time at Brunel University and working with the Cabinet Office.

Leaders on the line: Enhancing the leadership capability of first-line-manager-academics

Prof. Sharon Mavin and Dr Ceridwyn Bessant of Newcastle Business School write on leadership capability of first-line-manager-academics.

Business school deans: Leadership in a complex, multi-stakeholder environment

Prof. Nick Oliver et al discuss leadership in a complex, multi-stakeholder environment.

Reflections on my first month at the Association of Business Schools

Our Chief Executive gives her insight into her first month at the association.

Building Leadership Capacity for Business Schools – A collection of thought pieces on leadership in business schools

Overview One of the frequently stated missions of business schools is to produce future leaders who make a difference in the world. Curiously, there are few studies of business…

Back down to earth? Business school leadership in a time of disruption

Prof. Ken Starkey and Dr Christophe Lejeune give their view.

Future-proofing the UK business school deanship: Chartering horses for new courses

Our Deputy CEO provides some analysis of the current challenges to senior leadership at business schools.

2014 survey on leadership amongst deans: Key results

Dr Giovanna Bono details the results on our leadership survey to deans.

Hybrid managers in business schools

Professor Graeme Currie looks at the implications of hybrid managers in business schools.

Destination anywhere: how business students decide where to study

Insight into how business students choose their courses.


ABS Manifesto for Growth We want an incoming government to recognise business and management education and research in STEMM. Professor Angus Laing makes the case to widen…

International business students’ value to the UK economy & society: the case for changing UK immigration legislation

ABS Manifesto for Growth 2014 We want an incoming government to Remove international students from net migration targets. Professor Nora Ann Colton explains why UK business…

Future scenarios of business schools and management education

Dr Alex Wilson et al’s 10 year outlook on management education.

Business School Leadership: Gendered or Genderless?

While women in both academia and corporate environments enjoy relative equality compared to their historical counterparts, there is still a long way to go. AACSB international…

Professional Development

Reflections on managing equality and diversity from some aspiring Deans and Directors

Professor Sally Everett shares her insights from the recent Deans' and Directors' Development Programme.


Dynamic Conversations: Reimagining student partnerships for a sustained future of learning

9 Oct 23

Event venue: Online

Dynamic Conversations: Reimagining student partnerships for a sustained future of learning 15:00-16:00, 9 October, online Join us for an…

Navigating the Ofsted inspection process

10 Oct 23

Event venue: London

Navigating the Ofsted inspection process Preparing for an Ofsted inspection of your degree apprenticeship provision 10 October, 40 Queen Street,…

Inclusive Leadership in Business Schools

12 Oct 23

Event venue: London

Inclusive Leadership in Business Schools Creating environments for diverse teams to flourish 12 October, London A key priority for leaders and…

CMBE community meeting – Integrating AI into PRME

18 Oct 23

Event venue: Online

Integrating generative AI into PRME CMBE Community Meeting 10:00-11:30, 18 October, online This interactive workshop will explore how AI can help…

Chartered ABS Annual Conference 2023

13 Nov 23 - 14 Nov 23

Event venue: London

SUSTAINABLE GROWTH IN AN AGE OF DISRUPTION  Each November the Chartered ABS Annual Conference brings together over 300 business school Deans and senior leadership teams; and…

Executive Education Symposium – Accelerating AI literacy and digital transformation

21 Nov 23

Event venue: Birmingham

Executive Education Symposium Accelerating clients’ AI literacy and digital transformation 21 November, Birmingham The Autumn Executive…

The CMBE – An Introduction

5 Dec 23

Event venue: Online

Introduction to the Certified Management and Business Educator scheme Eligibility - Application - Benefits - CPD commitment 11:00-12:00, 5 December,…

The CMBE – An Introduction

7 Mar 24

Event venue: Online

Introduction to the Certified Management and Business Educator scheme Eligibility - Application - Benefits - CPD commitment 14:00-15:00, 7 March,…

The CMBE – An Introduction

12 Jun 24

Event venue: Online

Introduction to the Certified Management and Business Educator scheme Eligibility - Application - Benefits - CPD commitment 14:00-15:00, 12 June,…


All Welcome: A guide to inclusive, accessible and sustainable events

ALL WELCOME A guide to inclusive, accessible and sustainable events BAM and the Chartered ABS are committed to promoting equality, diversity,…