Designing policies to harness the benefits of foreign direct investment (FDI) for sustainable development

Project Background Foreign direct investment (FDI) and the related activities of multinationals companies (MNCs) have an important part to play in sustainable development,…

Chartered ABS Taskforce report: Business schools and the public good

The Chartered ABS Taskforce report, 'Business Schools and the Public Good' is the result of a taskforce established to consider how business schools understand and deliver…

BEIS Consultation on the UK R&D Roadmap 2020

The Chartered ABS has submitted a response to the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) consultation on the UK’s Research & Development Roadmap.

Annual Membership Survey 2019: results and analysis

We analyse the priorities and areas of attention facing the UK's business schools for the year ahead.

Consultation on Higher Technical Education

Read and download our full response to the consultation on Higher Technical Education

Consultation on Research Leadership in the Social Sciences

Read and download our full response to the consultation on Research Leadership in the Social Sciences

Calculating the trade-off between short and long-term benefits in policy-making

Background There is significant expert disagreement on how the distant future should be valued relative to the present. In general, people have a strong preference to consume now…

Research Income for Business and Management 2019

Business and Management funding rose over 2017/18, but did not keep pace with inflation.

Consultation on the design of the KEF – Chartered ABS Response

Read and download our full response to the KEF Consultation

Independent Review of the TEF – Chartered ABS Response

Read and download our response to the Independent Review of Subject-Level TEF

Sport integrity: informing policy to tackle corruption in professional sports

Business and management research creates new tools for analysing match fixing, leading to real policy change

New index measuring the strength of patent systems shapes the decision making and strategic responses of firms and policymakers

Research from the University of Liverpool Management School results in an innovate new Index for assessing patent strength

Chartered ABS evidence and response to the draft guidelines for the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021

We respond to the published draft assessment criteria and guidelines for making submissions to Ref 2021

APPG inquiry into international students – Chartered ABS evidence and response

We present the case for a competitive and accessible post-study visa regime for international students.

Annual Membership Survey 2018: results and analysis

Assessing key sector priorities for the year ahead

Research funding for business schools revealed in latest Chartered ABS report

UK funding for business and management research in decline whilst funding from EU sources increase

Response to HM Treasury’s, “Financing growth in innovative firms”

In November 2016 the Prime Minister announced that HM Treasury would lead a review designed to strengthen growing innovative firms within the UK. The review explores long-term…

Response to HM Government Green Paper “Building our Industrial Strategy”

Chartered Association of Business Schools

Our response to the Governments Green Paper "Building our Industrial Strategy".

Response to the NewDLHE consultation

Chartered Association of Business Schools

Our response to HEFCE's consultation on the NewDLHE

Research Income for Business and Management, 2017 report

Chartered Association of Business Schools

Our annual report on research income for UK Business & Management

Response to second Research Excellence Framework Consultation

Read our full response to the second Research Excellence Framework consultation.

Draft strategic guidance to the Institute for Apprenticeships: Chartered ABS response

Our response to the Governement's Draft strategic guidance for Institute for Apprenticeships consultation.

Annual Membership Survey 2016

Annual snapshot of the trends and challenges in UK business schools

Business schools: delivering value to local and regional economies

Chartered Association of Business Schools

How business schools contribute to local and regional growth and productivity

Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey consultation: Chartered ABS response

Our response to HESA's consultation on changes to the DLHE survey

Funding to support teaching in Higher Education Consultation: Chartered ABS response

Chartered ABS response to the consultation on teaching funding to support widening access and successful student outcomes.

Response to the Teaching Excellence Framework Technical Consultation

Following a consultation with our members, we have submitted a formal response to the Teaching Excellence Framework Technical Consultation. We recorded the support of members in…

Response to Lord Stern’s Review of the Research Excellence Framework

Following a consultation with our members, we have submitted a formal response to Lord Stern's review of the Research Excellence Framework. In our view the Stern Review needs to…

UK business schools and international student recruitment

The Government’s current student visa policy is having detrimental effects on universities and the economy. This report focuses on recruitment trends of international students…

Response to the Higher Education Green Paper

Following a consultation with our members, we have submitted a formal response to BIS as part of the consultation process on the Government's Higher Education Green Paper -…

Annual Membership Survey 2015

Chartered ABS Annual Membership Survey 2015 This report provides an annual snapshot and insights into some of the key challenges and trends in the UK business school sector.

Modelling economic impact for national governments

BU researchers, Professor John Fletcher and Professor Adam Blake, have developed and pioneered new approaches to estimate the economic impacts of tourism activities.

Migrant workers and vulnerable employment

Research by Dr Steve French has influenced UK employment law and changed how policy makers and practitioners think about vulnerable employment.

Encouraging innovation: A changing framework for the financing of small-to-medium enterprises

Research led by Professor Paul Nightingale has been involved in working with policy-makers to evaluate the most effective schemes to provide finance and other support for SMEs.

Ensuring credit unions are fit for purpose

Professor John O. S. Wilson's research has sought to understand the growth, development, scale, scope, governance and performance of credit unions in different countries.

Improving the governance of sport organisations

Research undertaken by the Birkbeck Sport Business Centre on the broader sports sector has been used to improve governance practices across national governing bodies of sport.

Working with Acas – informing advice, policy and guidance

The research has been undertaken in an economic and political context in which issues of workplace conflict resolution and downsizing have been central to public policy concerns

The Impact of Business School Research: Economic and Social Benefits

Professor Robin Mason

We showcase some of the very best examples of “impact” coming from business schools across the UK in this publication.

Building the Leadership Capacity of UK Business Schools: A collection of thought pieces

This series of thought pieces observes the challenges and trends of leadership in business schools through contributions generated from our second annual ‘business school…

Manifesto for Growth 2014

In September 2014, the association outlined its key pledges for the incoming government of the next general election in areas concerning STEMM, business education funding and…

21st Century Leaders: Building Practice into the Curriculum to Boost Employability

This joint report with the Chartered Management Institute and Quality Assurance Agency highlights the gap in the collaboration between employers and business schools. It suggests…

Innovation Task Force Report: “The Role of UK Business Schools in Driving Innovation in the Domestic Economy”

This report identifies opportunities for practical action to increase the impact of British business schools on innovation and growth in the United Kingdom economy. It provides…

Pillars and Annual Report 2010/11

This edition of the Pillars report focuses on sustainable economy and provides an account of the organisations’ finance for the year ending 2010