Events – Seminars

We run a range of events which are delivered in response to the needs of our members. Some of these events are run on an annual basis, others are one-off and timed to support business schools on issues as they arise.

The events are often participatory and will offer insights, solutions and prime networking opportunities. They take on a range of formats including masterclasses, roundtables, seminars and symposia.


Unlocking opportunities for UK business schools in India

28 Sep 17 - 28 Sep 17

Event venue: London

An opportunity for senior business school staff to develop their understanding of delivering transnational education in India.

How business schools engage with the regional agenda

5 Oct 17 - 5 Oct 17

Event venue: Techno Centre, Coventry University

This Small Business Charter workshop will explore the role of business schools as ‘anchor institutions’ and in building connections in the region.

Executive Education and the Level 7 Degree Apprenticeship in Management

25 Oct 17 - 25 Oct 17

Event venue: Nottingham Business School, NTU

This workshop we will examine how to best to design and deliver the Level 7 Master’s Degree Apprenticeship in Management and the role of Executive Education