Launch of ‘Perspectives On: Dynamic Conversations’ – call for submissions


As we navigate through a fast-changing learning environment and ensure we are future proofing business education, we need to increasingly facilitate and support members of the business school community to share innovative practice and discuss challenging aspects of the learning environment. 'Dynamic Conversations' is being launched as a special edition collection within the 'Perspectives On' series to respond to this need. 

Driven by the “great acceleration” between technology and Covid-19 disruption, the pace of change facing higher education has never been greater. At this time of significant developments to the sector and the business of business education, a collaborative and dialogic approach - which aims to discuss ideas, views, perspectives and practice is much needed. We are therefore making a Call to action to ask the CABS community to reflect on a range of emerging themes. We are keen to encourage as wide a range of voices to contribute and play an active role in the development of, and debate within, business education at this time and moving forward. 

Conversation Theme 1:


The first theme for the Dynamic Conversations of the CABS community is the very timely topic of how we develop our learning communities. At a time of significant change within the student learning process, the need to develop and support learning communities has never been greater. Despite recent innovations around digital learning and its impact on learning communities, an exploration of this concept could provide valuable insights moving forward.

  • Is the influence of digital an enabler or a barrier in developing and supporting learning communities?
  • Equality or equity of experience between online and face to face?
  • Are we supporting inclusive learning communities that encourage involvement and has the relationship with students changed?
  • Are we supporting enhanced levels of student engagement and life-long learning?

Further themes for the Dynamic Conversations will be released within forthcoming CABS Newsletters. If you have a suggestion for a future theme, please contact the Chair of the Editorial Board at

Editorial Board:

  • Chair |  Dr Cathy Minett-Smith, CMBE, PhD, PFHEA, Associate Dean for Learning, Teaching and the Student Experience, Faculty of Business and Law, University of the West of England (UWE).
  • Professor Gillian Armstrong, CMBE, PhD, FHEA, Director of Business Engagement, Ulster University Business School.
  • Professor Monika Foster, CMBE, PhD, PFHEA, Head of Sunderland Business School, University of Sunderland.
  • Professor Helen Williams, PhD, CPsychol, FHEA, Professor in Organisational Psychology, Cardiff Business School.

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