MAC review on the impact of international students: Chartered ABS response

The Home Office recently tasked the MAC (Migration Advisory Committee) with collecting evidence on the wider impact of international students. The Chartered ABS has been one of the many voices calling for international students to be removed from the Government’s self-imposed net-migration target of below 100,000. It is to be expected that international students will be counted, but there really is no reason for them to be part of the target. This consultation was our opportunity to provide the evidence that shows that in addition to the educational benefits of welcoming international students, there is wider financial benefit as well.

We surveyed our members and aggregated the data that shows some startling information on, for example, the viability of postgraduate programmes with and without international students. We are very grateful to all those who responded, and to those who produced case studies. We hope that our submission will add to the wealth of data the MAC are likely to have received, and that, in line with the views of many members of the Cabinet, international students are removed for the net migration target.

To read our response to consultation, please click here.