Stirling Management School

Founded by Royal Charter in 1967, the University of Stirling, near the ancient city of Stirling was the first genuinely new university in Scotland. Since its foundation, the University has embraced its role as an innovative, intellectual and cultural institution with a pioneering spirit and a passion for excellence in all that it does. Located in the geographical heart of Scotland, the stunning campus location provides a unique learning and working environment, combined with excellent UK, European and world-wide transport links, via Edinburgh and Glasgow. Since its foundation, Stirling's approach has been one of innovation and excellence. The University has embraced its role as an intellectual and cultural institution, combining science, arts and humanities within its research and education activities.

Building on the University’s well established expertise in management research and learning, the University of Stirling formally established the Stirling Management School in October 2008. The University of Stirling Management School provides a vibrant and stimulating community rich in diversity, with staff and students from over 87 countries. The School has over 1,732 students, 70 FTE academic staff, as well as 19 FTE professional services staff.

We believe management is a process involved in all forms of human activity; from an individual managing their own time, to a large corporation managing their finances. We are interested not only in the practices and processes of managing business and society but the short and long-term outcomes that impact on people's lives and the communities in which they live.

Our research interrogates all aspects of management, sheds new light on established ways of doing things and finds new and creative ways of managing. For us, management has many dimensions and complexities and this informs our approach to research and teaching. Our philosophy, that effective management can make a positive difference, means we get to the heart of what is involved across the diverse spectrum of management and organisation