Trinity Business School, University of Dublin

Trinity Business School Snapshot

Business is a long established discipline in Trinity, having originated with the School of Commerce offering B.A. and B.Comm degrees in 1925 and transformed into the School of Business Studies in 1962. The evolution of a School of Commerce to a School of Business marks one of the earliest recognitions among Irish and British universities of the emergence of the Business School as distinct from the earlier model of a School of Commerce.  It was followed quickly by the launch of one of the three original European MBA programmes.  The 2014-19 Strategy of the University set out a broad vision to become a university of greater consequence.  A key part of this institutional strategy was to grow the international Trinity Business School into a full suite school located in a world class building.  This led to the development of a high growth and transformational strategy for Trinity Business School along with a financial plan which were both approved by the Board of the University in the Spring of 2016.  This strategy involved growing the School by 150% over 7 years and constructing a new cutting-edge €80 million building for Trinity Business School with an opening date of Spring 2019.  The implementation of this strategy is now close to realisation having achieved  with a growth rate of 141% over the last three years.   The delivery of the strategy involves growth driven primarily through the development of new degree programmes including a new dedicated business undergraduate degree, expansion of the MSc portfolio, new formats of delivery for the MBA and expansion in the flexible education market.  Coupled with this is a further deepening and broadening of the Schools’ research activity with a greater emphasis on highly ranked international journal publications.  In parallel, real-world relevant research and thought leadership are key objectives as well as pan-School research centres (which include the Centre for Social Innovation and the Centre for Digital Business) which address major research themes/questions relevant for business, society and public policy.  The School received 5 year accreditations from both EQUIS (2018) and AMBA (2015).


Permeating all of these activities is the aim of further deepening the School’s five elements of its expertise and focus which throughout the consultation process in 2015 have been distilled into what has become known as the Trinity Business School DNA (see below).  The purpose of the strategy is to embed these elements and values in all activities of the School.  The School’s Mission, Values and Vision are expressed as follows in the personal plural tense reflective of the collective approach underpinning its activities:

Our Mission:

We are the business school at the heart of a world-renowned university located at the core of Dublin, an international capital city and hub for global business.  In this context, we are dedicated to education and research for students and organisations which instil a mind-set focused on improving business and society based upon creative and critical thinking, ethical awareness and values, cutting-edge knowledge and professional behaviour.

Our Values:

Our values commit us to a liberal environment where independence of thought is protected and where all in the School community are encouraged to become fulfilled by realising their potential to enhance business and society in a manner which involves ‘putting in more than you take out’.

Our Vision and expected outcomes:

To become a business school of greater consequence Trinity Business School will grow to a full suite international business school through deepening our DNA and delivering on five key objectives:


  1. Education focused on careers and business performance. Developing and delivering programmes which create great careers for our graduates and excellent performance for the businesses in which they are engaged. Our graduates learn cutting-edge real world management from both leading researchers and high performance business executives and entrepreneurs.


  1. A set of values – “put in more than you take out”. We take a deep and responsible view of the term ‘business performance’ which creates an awareness beyond profit to include the impact of business on the wider economy and society. We expect our graduates to ‘put in more than they take out’ of the economy and society throughout their career.


  • The personal development and well-being of our students. We provide opportunities for our students to explore and to develop their business and personal potential on our degree programmes as well to prepare them for a healthy career existence in today’s dynamic but often stressful work environment.


  1. A real-business educational environment. The University is located right in the centre of the vibrant and friendly Dublin City. We are adjacent to: the Irish Financial Services Centre (IFSC), Europe’s digital industries capital, government and public sector management headquarters, city centre retail, professional services industries and Ireland’s cultural industry sectors. Quite simply, we have cutting edge global corporations and high performance new ventures on our doorstep. We are based in a highly entrepreneurial university and provide students with the education which they need to excel in established and new businesses. An innovation and entrepreneurial hub will be located at the core of our new business school building and we already provide students with excellent opportunities to develop new ventures.


  1. Rigorous research which serves and critically evaluates business. Creating and then disseminating research which addresses questions which both serve and critically engage with real-business practice and public policy.